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About Us

Reseller Program

                       Creality Official is looking for dealer/Distributor/Reseller Cooperation

With the development of 3d printing technology, 3D printer applications are more and more popular in people's daily life. In order to facilitate people to enjoy the fun of 3D printers, and make it more convenient for our Creality 3D fans to use printers, Creality is looking for dealers, distributors, and resellers worldwide. At present, our customers cover all professions and trades, such as wholesalers, retailers, education practitioners, manufacturers, factories, etc. No matter you have the desire to start your own business, or you have other good ideas about the 3D printer. You are welcomed to join us right this moment. As the leading research and design company of additive manufacturing, we always take quality as a priority, focus on making the best printer with high performance, and offering the best service for everyone.
What you can expect from Creality
1.Brand Advantage:
Shenzhen Creality 3D Technology Co., Ltd, which established in 2014, specializes in integrating 3d printer research, design, and trade as a whole. Our monthly shipment is about 50,000pcs and the total shipment is expected to be about 500,000pcs this year. the products with dozens of 3D printing patents have sold over 80 countries overseas.
In addition, our printer's evaluation videos have seen hundreds of thousands of views on Youtube, and many websites have also highly evaluated our printer, and Creality 3D has been rated as the most cost-effective brand for many times. Such as all3dp, 3dprint, Facebook and other websites.

2.Technology and Service Support:
Creality's R&D teams of highly skilled engineers possess extensive in-depth industrial and technical experience in a 3D printing system. We can provide professional technology. And best after-sales service also provided by Creality 3d specialist. We have our own high-quality after-sales service team with 27 people, adhering to the concept of "Customer first", with a standardized service system of high efficiency, convenience, and transparency.  We are starting to set up a European service center in Belgium, covering the whole European market. In the future, we will also set up an Asia Pacific service center, an American service center, etc.

3.Quality Guaranteed:
Our all products have passed much international quality and environmental certificates such as UL, ISO9001, CE, FCC, and ROHS,
 etc. We set three standard goals for ourselves.
1. The rate of dealing with customer's complaints must be 100%.
2. The rate of customer's complaints must be less than 2%.
3. Customer satisfaction must over 88%. 
We focus on the strict quality inspection and testing process
1. IPQC check the 3d printer machine parts carefully,  then we assemble the parts together.
2. The hotbed platform, nozzles. LCD screens and X/Y/Z-axis must be tested several times by our inspectors.
3. QC will carry out the appearance inspection and then packs it.
4. After the packing is confirmed by FQC, the printer can put into storage.
5. FQC will carry out the random inspection of each batch of machines before shipment.

4.Factory Strength:  
Direct factory service is provided to guarantee the product is in good condition while you received it. Creality intelligent manufacturing base covers an area of 20,000 square meters, several mega R&D centers, 3D printing laboratories, and16 modern production lines and 4 highly-professional test lines with more than 600 employees under 24/7 scrutiny and strict quality control system. Owing to the direct supply of products, and without all kinds of miscellaneous expenses, the profit space will be expanded, thus the price will be reduced. It is also an advantage.

5.Economic Price:
All3D website has regard Creality Original Ender 3 as the “the lowest we have seen the retailer offer it for.” compare to other 3d printer brands. From 2017 to 2019, Ender 3 series and CR-10 series are publicly welcomed by their high quality and lowest price. What Creality expected is to facilitate everyone to know about 3d printing technology and enjoy having fun making their dreams into reality. Don’t hesitate to contact us for wholesale price if bulking purchasing needed.
3D printers have been expensive until 2014, but with the entry of Chinese manufacturers, the price of the product has been accepted by more and more people. Creality also can reduce the manufacturing cost of products and ensure the profit of dealers by purchasing advantages and supply chain management, and ensure the quality at the same time, so as to help users save money.
What we expect from you
 Please identify with Creality values and products
 Sales channels are required.
 Follow the price control agreement and do not disturb the market at low price
 please promote the brand and 3D printing culture actively
 Collect feedback from customers to improve Creality brand and launch localized   products and services
How to apply

Now contact info@creality.com, you can learn more about the market of the 3D printing industry and how to become a reseller/dealer/distributor. Our salesman will reply to you within 24 hours.