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About Us

Review Program

Thanks for the interest in Creality 3d printer review program!

What is the Review Program for?

Technology is constantly evolving, and the people behind the best YouTube tech channels are often the first people to inform users about important updates for computers, tablets, and new inventions. These channels produce some of the best tech videos on the Internet. With so many YouTubers creating good tech videos on a weekly basis, there's bound to be a little something for everyone. Some people will also write articles to help people know more about their product and guide people on how to use it.

Creality 3D printer has impressed people and get involved in people’s lives. To help customers better knowing the advantages and operation of our 3d printer, we encourage and support people to create and share content about our products.

If your review goes well, we will consider a long term cooperation relationship with you. And consider you as our priority if Creality releases a new product or has any firmware update in the future.

ings you need to do

Contact Jeff by email address: 

1. Share us your past review works by link

Whatever you are a Youtuber whose subscribers are over 100,000-200,000 or video view up to 10,000 each, influencers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or a blogger with high exposure. Please contact Iris and send us your channel to view.
2. Tell us if you have ever reviewed a 3d printer before
3. Specify which printer you would like to review
4. Which aspect do you plan to test
5. How long could you finish the review

We will reply to you within 5 workdays and tell you the next step.