3d printed wedding accessories-5fun curated 3d models

By IRIS_CREALITY3D | 30 September 2018 | 1 Comments
  3d printed wedding accessories-5fun curated 3d models

The most appealing aspect to 3d printing suit accessories is the ability to customize and create unique designs for any occasion, like a wedding. Although these designs will be plastic rather than fabric or metal, fabric-like and metallic can be recreated using some advanced 3D printing technique.

1.Bow Tie
This 3D printed bow tie features a unique and stylish design that clips onto a shirt button.
Who designed it:Daniel Glauber(3dglauber)
 Where to download:  Thingiverse

2.Lapel pin
This 3D printed wedding accessory comes with its own securing stick.
Print it in whatever color you like to match your outfit.
Who designed it:Brandon George
Where to download:  Thingiverse

Lots of different cufflink designs are available online,
but this Batman-themed one is our favorite and is also tried and tested to work well.
Who designed it:Though originally designed by joeybonez, this version is by Markus K( 4*4print)
 Where to download:  Thingiverse

4.Pocket Square
 This pocket square was made to match the style of the abovementioned 3D printed bow tie. 
 easy to print or design a straight edge rectangular pocket   square as well if you’d prefer to go for a simplistic look.
 Who designed it: Michael Cullinan(robomike)
 Where to download: Thingiverse

This bracelet design is from the Cell Cycle collection by Nervous System.
Inspired by the complex form of radiolarians, a type of protozoa.
Who designed it: Nervous System
Where to download: Thingiverse

    Before you print these amazing models, what you need is a cheapest but with the high percision printer, and our ender 3 under 200 us dollars, which is easy to assembly, and quiet meet your requirment, more details about ender 3, click : https://www.creality3d.cn/ender-3-p00244p1.html
more 3d printer information, find: https://all3dp.com/2/3d-printed-wedding-accessories-5-fun-curated-3d-models/

Saurabh Saxena
May 31,2019 17:18
Amazing Blog :) Which material are they using?
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