Creality CR-10 3d Printer Hotbed Unstable Adjustment (Tutorial)

By IRIS_CREALITY3D | 19 October 2018 | 6 Comments
isidro javier
August 28,2019 23:32
Mi impresora Creality CR10. Imprime por un lapso de una hora y despues deja de jalar el plastico. empieza a hacer un ruido extra├▒o. ya reemplaze el extrusor por uno nuevo y tambien reemplaze el mecanismo que se encanga de precionar direcionar el plast
June 03,2019 07:08
My new CR-10 has been printing fine until this last month. The hotbed quit heating up. I replaced the hotbed and that didn't fix it. I then replaced the motherboard and that didn't fix it. I checked and re-checked all of the connection and it still won't
February 22,2019 08:13
my printer (ender 3) is printing/extruding shifting to the left (x axis) instead of extruding 90 degree (perpendicular to the base) What can be the problem? is it calibration or mechanical problem?
February 15,2019 05:45
I also have brand new CR-10S and bed will heat to only maximum of 79C. Got to 79C after about 30-40 mins. Then waited two hours more and still stayed at 79C. Is there some calibration or limit or adjustment that is needed to be made?
Juan Salcedo
February 12,2019 10:43
My printer cr 10s pro is not heat up the hotbed.
November 23,2018 00:50
My brand new CR 10s won't heat up the hotbed
please check the email, thank you
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