Trouble shooting

By IRIS_CREALITY3D | 08 August 2018 | 41 Comments
Recently, most friends encounter lots of printing problem of creality CR-10S5/ CR-10 S4/ CR-10/CR-10S/Ender 3/CR-X, Now I will answer some of your problem as followed, 
1. do not recognize SD card?
(1)Choose “init SD card” or “change SD card” to refresh.
 (2)Use a new SD card , format SD card, clean SD card.
 (3)Rub the metal contacts with an eraser.
(4)SD card slot is broken.You need to replace it.
2 There is no response after turning on.
Open control box,check the input and output voltage of power supply.There is also a LED working next PSU.(LNvoltage is 110/220V AC.(+V-Vvoltage is 12V(DC).

3 Display screen shows overlap or incompletely,automatic selection.

(1)Open control box,check all wiring of the display screen,connect them again.
(2)Loosen the installing screws of LCD.
(3)Replace new display.
4 Display screen shows blue ,white or no information and response.
1)Check the wiring of the display screen.
2) Press switch knob in LCD,there is  DDD  sound,LCD is bad;no sound,motherboard is bad.
3)Connect computer with USB cable.If LCD works normally,motherboard is broken.
5 Nozzle and hot bed heat up automatically after turning on.
Without any heating commands, the nozzle and bed heat up automatically after turning on?
you need measure voltage about nozzle and bed port.They are 0V(DC).If they are 12V(DC),you need replace motherboard.

6.Nozzle does not heating up.
(1)Measure the voltage of heating pipe(hot end).It is 12V(DC) with heating command.
(2).Replace new heating pipe( hot end).

7 Extruder does not work.
Before  move extruder  ,nozzle actual temperature must be over 180.Otherwise it can not work.Please “preheat PLA” before “move extruder”.
If you have any questions about creality3d, leave your problem below, and i will answer you guys as soon as possible.


Henk Haverkamp
June 19,2020 17:07
Just replace the complete hot end cr10 max. Not working anymore. think connect teh wiring on thr print plate rong. Have any one a picture how to connect that ?
Bob Seitz
May 14,2020 23:07
1. What are the extra 2 ports for on the LCD card? 2. Where is the USB port? 3. Is the G-Code stored in the mother board or ???? 4. How do I connect my Computer? 5. I'm 86. Will my boat anchor turn into a 3D printer? (before Im pass) 6, Looking forwa
March 31,2020 09:30
Hello, I have an Ender 3. We lost the original SD card (which worked very well), and purchased two different SD Cards which are not reading ( Fuji 64GB and SanDisk 64GB), formatted it many different ways, including FAT32, and the machine is not reading t
March 06,2020 18:39
Creality Ender 3 Pro new memory card for what file format and how to format it in Win 10?
Richard Wien
August 15,2019 21:21
ik heb een nieuw moederbord en beeldscherm gekocht,voor cr10s maar als ik het scherm er op aan sluit gaat het moederbord piepen haal ik het scherm er uit piept die niet.maar er blijft ook een blauw lampje knipperen,snap er niks van.heb ook een ander scher
Donald L
August 06,2019 23:37
I purchased the Ender 3 Pro and assembled with no issues. actually turned the bar around that the power supply screws to giving me more room which places the supply farther out from the bed. my problems started after i printed a few clips for the led ribb
July 23,2019 21:09
Hello, just bought a new Ender-5. The machine frequently reboots when it starts to heat the bed. It doesn't happen all the time. If I keep truning it on and of and retrying eventually I can get it to work. But it happens much more often than not.
June 27,2019 15:25
My Ender 3 Pro hangs before printing, motor seems to shutdown.
June 05,2019 02:09
Just finished assembling my Ender 3 Pro. Of all the problems I anticipated, getting it to recognize the SD card wasn't one of them. I can't even test the printer to see if I assembled it correctly.. Very, very frustrated. It's 2019. Isn't there a
May 11,2019 07:49
Buy the Ender 3 and use ir with no problems, buy a new Ender 3 Pro and bed no heating even during pre-heating process, it’s anything I can do to fix it?
April 17,2019 19:42
I recived my 3d printer not long ago. It worked perfectly until some underextrusion began hapening. I unclocked the nozel by buying a new hot end. Now it just does not extrude it is done with my test egg and it is 7 cm over the biuld plate with noting und
Luc Bosson
April 14,2019 20:53
Just forget my message about the bed issue, X and Y are OK. I found out that it was a Z axis issue. it is blocked. Even manually it is very hard to move.
April 14,2019 09:53
Got my brand new CR10S 2 days ago. First switch on -> Prepare -> Auto Home: the head goes to the left (X axis ok), then the bed goes backward and hits the switch, it has a small move forward then goes backward and keep trying going backward (Y axis NOK).
April 08,2019 15:06
My printer is set up and works fine, except when I print, the prints come out as if they are stretched on a diagonal axis. Instead of being circular, for example, they will come out oblong.
February 15,2019 08:30
bought this junk 3 months ago, broke halfway threw the test print dog. X axis motor now work, swap cable to Y motor works try to get new cable & screen got only screen replacement (gearbest forgot cable) 1 bad panel but still functional (haven't installe
January 15,2019 23:04
I have the ender3 2 weeks now already printed with a lot. suddenly begins to smell the ender, the temperature of the nozzle continues to rise and the display shows 41 gr. after a lot of searching on the internet I opened the housing and exchanged the n
Mark Stanners
January 06,2019 03:55
Hi, Bought and set up a Ender 3 pro. All seems fine except the test prints are being printed at 45 degrees. Each layer seems to be being offset to the right making the whole print lean over. I'm sure it's just a setting somewhere but not sure which one
Dawn Hicks
December 31,2018 06:53
Just set up my Ender - 3 Pro. The black knob from display screen was not included and the stopper for the Z stepper is not working. It does not stop the downward motion. I have to turn off power supply. I have also manually tried to stop downward moti
December 30,2018 18:04
December 02,2018 03:41
when i print on my new ender 3 printer after a few hours the X motor starts making wired noise for a few seconds and moved out of the part and then starts printing in a offset. what can i do? it happened 3 times already (i have a video)
Chad Boyd
November 09,2018 09:08
I bought a brand new ender 3 have not had it a week and ever time you turn it on the nozzle starts heating on its on and does not stop even when it gives a maxtemp error only way to stop it is to turn it off. What can fix this and how can a get a part und
October 09,2018 05:11
I have a CR10. The heatbed reaches 60 degrees and starts printing but then starts to cool.
September 27,2018 20:04
i did buy an Ender 3 printer and wanntet to print flexibl filament but it gets stuck every time
Please check this link to clean the nozzle and the throat tube :
September 27,2018 05:27
What is the purple rectangular piece that resembles a snow sled used for? The bag contains 2 screws and 2 bolts. Where should it attach
What purple rectangular piece exactly are you talking about and which printer you are using? pelase send the picture to, thank you very much
September 26,2018 21:59
I just bought the Ender3, but when I go to print I get the message change filament, I want to know how to solve this problem.
You might not insert the filament into the filament Detector, then through the Teflon tube.
September 25,2018 18:50
Just bought a Ender 3 and assembled with no issues. once I prime the PLA to the head and load the test print from the supplied SD card. The feeder retracts the filament half way up the tube. Then the print starts and you can see the filament inside the tu
Bob Bunger
September 21,2018 23:24
Brand new printer, when turned on I get Err MAXTEMP . It says nozzle temp is 350 but it is not. Ender 3
1.Nozzle thermistor screw is locked tightly, cuz the temp. can not be sensing, connect the connectors again. 2. Nozzle thermistor is broken, you need to replace the spare thermistor. 3.Not plg the connector at back of the box, turn on, if temp. is no changing, then motherboard is broken.
September 13,2018 08:28
Dear, I got 2 problems with my new 3D Printer Creality CR-10 S5 the bead doesnt heat up and unable to install Cura_15.04.3.exe on windows 8.1 "Error launching installer" appreciate any suugestion thanks henry
I've just send you the email, please check it.
Ashley D Blight
September 08,2018 01:16
I have two problems. 1. The black pad that is on top of the silver heat bed did not come attached. I went ahead and put it together thinking that it would be a step in the process to attach the two. It did not. 2. Now that I have it put together the b
September 05,2018 13:42
Oh, and i solved the problems of simetry and print quality, now I have the problem of the first layer with 0 detail or warping its PLA
September 05,2018 13:38
Hello, thanks for respond me, I looked for the filament ideal temperature of printing and it said that is at 210°C
Dickk Chaney
September 05,2018 06:05
Set nozzle temperature in CURA to 230 degrees C. When starting print nozzle only heats up to 220 degrees C. Of course printing doesn't start. It just sits there waiting for nozzle to reach temperature. Doing it manually, setting nozzle temp via contro
September 05,2018 02:51
And the third problem is that the print quality is much lower than the other prints I saw in the reviews. And the forth problem is that the first layer of printing doesn't stick well to the heating bed at 65 degrees and doesn't have a good quality.
September 05,2018 02:50
My second problem is that the printed pieces aren't simetrical per example a circle is more like a oval than a circle or a hexagon had a part more separated from the centre than the other.
September 05,2018 02:48
Hello, I have a Ender 3 and a couple of problems, first problem: my Ender 3 motor was a centimeter displaced so it wasn't moving up and down, I placed a pice of plastic putting the motor straight and now it works better. My second problem is that the prin
Christopher Bailey
September 04,2018 20:09
Purchased a CR-10 5S through Amazon on June 11, 2018. This week developed issue in Y-axis. Bed moves fine in positive (forward) direction. However, jerks, stops suddenly at random times, or does not move at all in negative (reverse) direction. Counter wil
Larry Pope
September 02,2018 11:45
New CR-10 S4 user. Try to print. Message: Error: Replace filament. I replaced the 3 feet of filament already in the line but still get this message. Excited to start but frustrated by this message. Thanks for your time.
Udo Heeren
September 01,2018 01:33
First time user Ender3 Build was relativ easy. Loaded Cura for Mac in the www, cause only the windows version was supplied. Problem, it isn´t extruding at all. X and Y is running nicely. Moved the assembly high (away from end switch) and disconnect
Stan Madore
August 29,2018 02:42
CR-10S has been working well, but will not answer gcode M119, so ABL installation is not possible. What action can be taken? I appreciate any help you can give.SSBQ
Check the ABL firmware in the upload page, refresh the ABL firmware and see if it can work.
August 28,2018 01:50
First time user and after set-up, the filament is printing lightly and not creating a good design. Additionally, the unit kicks off the design after a few passes and the nozzle returns to its home position. Your prompt help with this is appreciated
August 11,2018 00:12
Hello I have a CR10S and when I print a part, it's frayed Please Kindly let me know how to solved this issu Your prompt answer is highly appreciated Thanks a lot
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