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DIY 3d printer

CP-01 3D Printer

Item No.: 201911191860
Laser engraving | C&C engraving | 3D Printing. Compatible with many kinds of filaments, CR-01 3 in 1 3d printer can be our next performance star alongside the Ender 3.
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Creality CP-01 3D Printer
Creality CP-01 Advantages

【Multi-function 3-in-1 3D Printer】 With 3D printing, laser engraving, CNC cutting, three effects to give you a new operating experience. 3D printing model is fine, the layer is nearly absent, the CNC cutting model is smooth, and the surface is flat; the laser engraving positioning error is small, and the engraving model is exquisite.

 【 Stable operation】 full belt drive, intersecting the screw guide rail, the stability is even better, to ensure the high quality of the model. Printing speed 10-80mm/s. Laser power: less than 0.5W.

 【Multiple 3d printing materials supported 】With more functions have been found, CP-01 can support three types of plastic materials, allows you to create more different 3d printing models: 3D Printing materials: PLA, ABS, TPU, PVA; CNC carving and laser engraving materials: wood, paper, PCB, plastic,leather etc.

 【Large printing volume】Molding platform size: 3D printing: 200 × 200 × 200mm, CNC engraving / cutting: 200 × 200mm, laser engraving: 100 × 190mm.

 【Easy assembly】 The modules are interchangeable and can be assembled quickly and universally in 30 seconds.

 【Trustworthy and convenient】 High-quality wide-voltage power supply, mature technology, safe and secure, automatic voltage regulation, easy to use. TF card offline printing.

Creality CP-01 Basic Parameter
G.W of CP-01 10KG
Touch Screen 4.3inch
Working mode Online or TF card offline
Power Supply Input: 115/230V AC  Output: 24V
Operating system Windows XP/Vista/ 7/10 MAC Linux
Motor 42-40 stepper motor, 42-34 threaded rod motor, step angle 1.8

Creality CP-01 3D Printing Parameter
Molding Technology FDM
Molding size 200*200*200mm
File Format STL,OBJ,AMF
Slicing software Cura, Simplify3D
Supported Filament 1.75MM PLA, ABS, TPU, PVA
Printing precision ±0.1mm
Printing speed 10*80mm/s
Hotbed Temperature ≤110℃
Layer Thickness 0.1-0.4mm
Nozzle Diameter Standard 0.4mm, can be in 0.6mm, 0.8mm.1.0mm and 1.2mm

Creality CP-01 CNC Carving / Cutting Parameter
Carving/Cutting size 200*200mm
Supported Material Wood, Paper, PCB, plastic and etc.
File Format JPG, JPEG
Spindle speed 4,800rmp max
Standard Cutting Size Tungsten alloy milling cutter
Drill chuck clamping range 0-4mm
Creality CP-01 Layer Engraving Parameter
Engraving  Size 200*200mm
Supported Material Wood, Paper, PCB, plastic and feather etc.
File Format JPG, JPEG
Layer power Less than 0.5W
by Lahiru
Nov 07,2019
1. I'm buying through aliexpress. 2. Do you have serial #s? 3. You will do after-sales? 4. How deep (in millimeters) can the CNC carve?
by Axel Mertes
Sep 04,2019
Interested in Creality CP-01 3d printer
Dear Creality3D Team, I am very interested in testing the Creality CP-01 3d printer. My idea is to use it for prototyping and making film probs (I am working in the film industry in germany and I do have a computer science & 3D design background). Often we need special tools for adding to the camera, but also props to be used in films itself. Working not only with PLA etc. as on my CR-10s but with wood etc. would be extremely helpful in many cases. I am also interested if there will be a larger version (bigger volume or even 2D / 2.5D with larger flat area) and what the price of the device will roughly be. I'd love making an unboxing / review of the device too, especially as my 2 bigger children are doing lots of art at school and this device is probably a good helper in making their visions a (c)reality. Please let me know.
by Mateo Bernabeu
Sep 04,2019
Review in my YouTube channel Architects3DP
Hello, I would love to make a review of this machine in my youtube channel, that you can check in the next link: https://youtube.com/c/architects3DP. It's mainly focused on 3D Printing: 3d printed projects, 3d printer and filament reviews, 3d printer assemblies and more.