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DIY 3d printer

CR-100 3D Printer

Item No.: 201804090213
100*100*80mm |  Discover the easy-to-use mini 3D printer with automatic leveling that delivers accurate, industrial-grade parts, time-saving. With simple setup, reliable extruder, CR-100 is the complete professional 3D printing solution.
Description Specification CR-100 Review
Model CR-100 Layer thickness 0.1-0.4mm
Nozzle temp. ≦210℃ Hotbed temp. /
Nozzle Number 1个 Forming technology FDM
Printing Size 100*100*80mm Printing Method Online printing、TF card offline printing、Infrared remote control
Machine Size 183*241*255mm N.W. 2.8kg
Package Size 250*230*340mm G.W. 3.7kg
XY axis position accuracy 0.012mm Printing Accuracy ±0.1mm
Rated voltage 100-240V Output Voltage 12V
Rated Power 50W Support filament PLA
Printing Speed ≤100mm/s,normal print speed 30-60mm/s Control system Windows XP/Vista/7/10 MAC、Linux

1. Easy operation: Simple OLED screen interface, One-click to print and heat, also, the infrared remote control is supported.
2.Automatic leveling: Intelligent leveling compensation ensures the print accuracy and success rate.
3.Cost-effective: Affordable, easier for your child to get their first printer.
4.Safe and reliable: environmentally friendly flame-retardant body, high-quality electrical components, safer and more reliable.
5.Energy-saving: ultra-low energy consumption, degradable consumables, enjoy a more healthy life.
6. Innovative platform: magnetic self-adhesive platform, print more stable and easier to disassemble.
7.Quiet silent: Germany imported bearings, low-decibel with stable operation.
8. Cartoon appearance: cute outside with well-designed inside, pay tribute to childhood.

My little brother didn’t satisfy his desire of having a magician until mom gifted a CREALITY CR-100 on his 8th birthday.
CREALITY CR-100 is a compact 3D printer specially designed for children to make some little gadgets. There are four different color options for various preferences, yellow, orange, red, and blue. We got the red one. With its dimension of 183*241*255mm, we can't help surprising at its tiny and adorable appearance design, thus giving it a name "Redie".

Redie is an assembled machine, so we can use it as soon as we had it in hand. Followint its manaul, we found that we could simply start our printing experience with a single button click on "START". Other desktop FDM printers requires some extra steps like board leveling and nozzle heating before printing, but you can skip all of those on CR-100. The hotbed is fixed, and all you need to adjust is the nozzle distance to hotbed. Feed in the filament, insert SD card, and press "START". Printing begins!!!
Amazing? What's more amazing is that Redie can be remote controlled.

 CR-100 is a FDM printer, which only supports PLA filament. The printing speed can normally reach 30-60mm/s, with layer thickness of 0.1-0.4mm, and XY axis position accuracy of 0.012mm. On the basis of these parameters , we can infer that models can be finished in a relatively short time.
Expectation will be achieved rapidly! In the next whole week since we get magician Redie, my brother and I completely absorbed ourselves into making endless fun and laughter. Animation and movie charater models, daily necessities such as storage box and small vase. Let's have look at our models:

Smooth and clean. Exactly beyond our calculation, the models all came out delicate and realistic. If I can only use a single word to describe, the word would be "AWESOME!" There is no bridging on its surface and among different parts, and you can't even feel any roughness. Therefore, CREALITY CR-100 can bring out quite good printing quality also with high presicion and accuracy.

Not only did Redie give us amaze and happiness, we also shared with a lot of people around us. My brother gave superhero models to his best friends, which arouse great interest in kids. Kids were so eager to made their own superheroes that they came to our home from to time. Therefore, we held a activity in our neighborhood with great support from CREALITY.

Immediate feedback and quick printing made huge differences to kids. I still remember those happy faces on that day, as well as their curious questions, innovative ideas, wonderful creations. The small CREALITY CR-100 is like a magician, vesting children more desire of thinking independently and learning eagerly. Thus, in my personal opinion, CREALITY CR-100 is solid choice for family's private use, and school education. My brother had an enjoyful time with Redie. So will your kids or your students!!!

Since our family exerted wide influece in our community, even in the whole city. CREALITY filmed a touching MV beased on our story. If you have any interest in knowing more, take your time to enjoy with us.

For more detail information, you can visit CREALITY official website and searche for CR-100.
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