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Item No.: 20200210001
Creality CR-5 Pro 3D Printer| 300*225*380MM| Multiple materials supported| Silent motherboard with ATMEL 2560 master chip| 24V/350W MeanWell power supply| Carborundum glass print bed
Description Highlights
Creality CR-5 Pro Advantages

【More Material Choices Supported】CR-5 Pro is the upgraded version of CR-5, but it's Nozzle temperature now can up to 250℃ and hotbed temperature up to 100℃. The enclosure chamber structure will help keep interior printing temperature for more material applications, allows you to print with 3D Printing material like PLA, PETG, and especially  TPU and ABS.


【Better Bed Adhesion on Carborundum Glass Print Bed】With Carborundum glass platform installed, prints adhere better and remove easier, resulting in the flat first layer as well.

【Large Print Size】Within the print volume of 300*225*380MM, there will be greater creative ideas turning into reality and creations.

【Smart Supportive Functions】As well as the Filament runout sensor and resume printing mode, CR-5 PRO is equipped with a smart LED light reminder to indicate the real-time printing process.

Creality CR-5 Pro Parameter
Printing  Volume 300*225*380mm
Machine  Size 530*487*612mm
Package Size 625*545*710mm
Machine Weight 32.6kg
Net Weight 38.8kg
Normal Voltage 115/230V
Output Power 350W
Filament PLA/ABS
Slicer Software Creality Slicer Cura/ Repeater-Host/ Simplify3D
Nozzle Diameter 0.4mm
Print Mode Online Printing/ SD Card Offline
File Format STL/OBJ/AMF
Motherboard Silent Motherboard
Printing speed 50-80mm/s
UI interface 4.3-inch touch screen

by Ben Cotton
Apr 16,2020
Ender 6 and ender 5 Pro
Hi Creality, I have your ender 3 and the CR-5. Please can you send me some prices on the printers in the subject. I would also be interested in doing a review on either if you can send me one. Please can you let me know if this is possible. Many Thanks
by Kyle Feliciano
Apr 11,2020
Pre Order
When will this be available to purchase? can we pre order it and if so will you be giving some to individuals for reviews? I would love to review this and utilize it for printing prosthetics for those in need.
by Chris Yates
Mar 31,2020
CR-5 pro
I love the look of these products and have been very impressed with the print quality. I am interested in becoming a UK distributor for the products. Please can you advise me how I would go about doing this? I currently have 3 other companies, one of which is an online retail business called Agentshave, website agentshave.co.uk. I have built my business's up on the back of first class service and would love the opportunity to work with you. I look forward to your response. Regards Chris Yates
by Joseph D Burlingame
Mar 31,2020
Would love to do a review
Give me one and I'll do a review on it for people like me with a Traumatic Brain Injury that stays home and builds a miniature garden set up buying minis is getting to much has to be cheaper making them or let me know what would be the best 3 D printer for me with this Injury thank you so much.
by joxeba
Mar 28,2020
Cuando sale al mercado y cual es su precio ?