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CR-X 3D Printer

Item No.: 201804090109
Creality CR-X 3d printer |300*300*400&270*270*400 Dual extrusion system, Dual fan cooling,Carboloy silicon printing platform,Z-axis double screw design with resume printing function made by official 3d printer company in China.
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Creality CR-X Advantages
【Two-color Printing】
CR-X is a dual extruder 3d printer with one single nozzle designed in 2019, it has finished with all the upgrades base on the review of our customers, and it allows you to combine colors and material arbitrary, it can also describe as a perfect two color 3d printer for designers.

【PVA Material Supported】PVA(water-soluble consumables) use the second nozzle to print water-soluble support, easy to remove after soaking in water, giving you a more detailed model surface.

【Integrated Design】The exterior design of the profiled sheet metal base is used to store most of the electronic components in the sheet metal bottom case.

【4.3-inch Touch Screen Designed】User-friendly UI design, with sound, prompts perfect human-machine dialogue function, to bring users an unprecedented intelligent operating experience.

【Carboloy Silicon Printing Platform】
 CR-X comes with a better printing platform for help models better stuck on the platform, no need to use glue, perfect bonding with consumables at 60 °C, Reduce adhesion after cooling, the model and platform are easy to separate, and the model is easy to remove.

CR X 3D Printer Firmware Download 
CR X 1.70.1V Firmware
CR X Open Source Download 
1.2.3 Slicer Software Download

Creality CR-X Parameters
Machine type CR-X
Forming size 300*300*400mm
270*270*400mm(Dual color)
Platform size 310*320mm
Power 110/220V AC 50/60HZ
Total power 24V 480W
N.W. 15KG
Machine size 550*400*650mm
Package size 640*540*340mm
Working voltage 24V
by Murugan E
Jul 01,2020
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