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3D Printer Accessory

Creality 3d printer enclosure

Item No.: 2019111901812
3D Printer enclosure | Design for better print with other kinds of filaments, help to regulate the temperature of the printer and reduce warping, improving the quality of the prints.
Description Specification
3D Printer Enclosure Specifications | 3D Printer Enclosure Advantages | About 3D Printer Enclosure

All aluminum 3D Printer enclosure foil with flame retardant, more safety, more adaptable for printing other kinds of filaments, Easy assembly.

3D Printer Enclosure Specifications

Product Name: Small 3d printer enclosure
Landed Size: 480*600*720mm
Package Size: 660*160*110mm
N.W: 2.45kg
G.W: 2.76kg
Applicable Models: Ender3 Series / CP-01 / Ender-2 / CR-100

Product Name: Big 3d printer enclosure
Landed Size: 700*750*900mm
Package Size: 450* 215*115 mm
N.W: 3.58kg
G.W: 3.84kg
Applicable models:  Ender3 Series / Ender-5 / CP-01/CR-10 V2/CR20/ CR-5/ CR-5S/CR-2020/ CR-3040/CR-3040S/Ender-1/ CR-10 S4/ CR-10 S5/ CR-10/ CR-10S/CR-100

Package Included:
440 Iron pipesx4 / 560 Iron pipesx4 / 645 Iron pipesx4 / fixed-angle bracketx8 / folding shed x1
Function: Constant temperature / Soundproof / Dustproof

3D Printer Enclosure Advantage

1. Quick and easy assembly, folding storage designed, portable, and easy to carry, multi-windows for easier observation, tool pockets reserved,  Economical 3D printing room!
2. Constant Temperature: Some customers always worry about the Heat dissipation too quickly, which causes the wrapping so often, the 3d printer enclosure can better keep a constant temperature printing environment, reduce the impact of printed products when low-- temperature weather, improve printing stability. make sure the print comes out perfectly.
3. Dustproof and good noise reduction: Some customer is frustrated about the noise to come from the machine while it is printing, and the printer will get dirty if you didn't use it too much.
4. The interior uses Pure aluminum film and flame retardant appearance material. if fire causes, it will melt and will not fire itself of the enclosure. fire insulation so that it won't be able to spread, for better keep your family and your house safe.
5.Stable Structure: Equipped with a selection of Iron pipes, stable structure, and abundant space.

About 3D Printer Enclosure 

by Kevin Sidebottom
Feb 26,2020
What is the price of the printer enclosure (p00274p1) I have the Ender 3