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DIY 3d printer

Ender-3 3D Printer

Item No.: 201804090202
Creality Ender DIY bl touch 3 printer kit  official 220x220x250mm large building size and easy assembly mechanism with thermal runaway protection function for education, architecture module making, save time for architect and designer, and more safe for k
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Description Specification Bed Leveling

1.Split type design: the electronic control host and the mechanical structure are aeparated, open your mind, help create a variety of print-outs at will.
2. Shippment of the kit: Solving the problem of large-kit transportation, installation takes only 5 minutes.
3. Industrial grade circuit board: The technology is quite mature and stable, it can work continuously for 200 hours without pressure.
4. Linear pulley system: Patented technology, V-profile+precision pulley, running more smoothly, more wear-resistant.Effectively reduce noise.
5.MK10 Exrusion Mechanism:A brand-new patedned infrastructure that effectively reduces the risk of plugging and poor spillage and can print almost all filaments on the market.

Modeling Technology FDM(Fused Deposition Modeling)
Printing Size 220*220*250mm
Machine Size 440*410*465mm
Net Weight 8kg
Printing Speed 180mm/s
Filament 1.75mmPLA, TPU, ABS
Power Supply 100-265V 50-60HZ
Output 24V 15A 360W
Layer Thickness 0.1-0.4mm
Nozzle Diameter   0.4mm
Printing Accuracy ±0.1mm
File Format STL,OBJ,G-code
Working Mode Online or SD offline
Nozzle Temperature 255℃
Hot bed Temperature 110℃
Ender3 Bed leveling
All 3d printing objects needs a strong foundation, so leveling the bed will be your first step to ensure its’ solid.
Actually, it might not be appropriate to entitle it as bed leveling, it is not making it level with the ground but making it the same distance between the nozzle tip and the whole surface of the build platform.
If the nozzle far away form the bed, the filament might not adhere to the platform. If too close, the nozzle will push past the layer height, preventing the material from extruding and sticking. No matter what way, the result will not be so satisfied. Some people are always hard to find out the perfect point, especially the starter. Specifically, the best spot is when the nozzle allows some space but applies just a little pressure to the flowing filament in order to help it adhere to the build plate.
Without any auto- leveling function, which might drive everybody crazy, because you have to manually leveling the platform. Luckily. The menu provides actions that prepare the device for leveling, and the four large knobs under each corner of the bed make the job easy.
Finally, you will find our that once the bed finish leveling. The bed will stop for a while, so Periodic re-leveling may be necessary but once the procedure is learned it should take less than five minutes to re-level each time.


Before you starting to level the ender 3 platform, you might need to do some preparation.
Make sure that the bed is clean, you can remove the bed and clean it if you are using ender3. you must clean all the stuff that remains on the surface, if needed, use the blade to clean the remains.
Wash the build plate with warm, soapy water, then dry it with a clean cloth. Make sure that there’s no lint or particles remain.
Use the clips reattach the build plate to the heated bed. Check carefully to ensure that the entire build plate is flat without ripples or high spot.
Make sure that the nozzle is clean and none of material. Another simple way heat up the nozzle a little bit, then use the soft cloth to warp it. Pls noted the wear a glove. And there’s no need to preheat the bed or the nozzle for leveling.

Machine preparation:
1.Power on the printer
2.Press the knob and scroll to the PREPARE menu. And then press auto home. The nozzle will stop at the left front of the bed.
3.Then rotate to PREPARE again. Scroll to DISABLE STEPPERS and press the control. This will make it easy to move the bed back and forth.
4.Next, rotate each of the four leveling wheels counter-clockwise to lower the bed. One or two turns each should be sufficient. The purpose of this is to make sure that the bed is lower than the nozzle tip.

Leveling the bed
The only tool to level the bed is a piece of A4 paper. Then you can start your leveling.
Move the nozzle and make it stop at the left front of the bed.A half inch or so from both sides is good enough.
Slide the paper between the nozzle and the bed. If it doesn’t fit, drop the corner until it does.
Once the paper can be moved between the nozzle and the platform. very slowly raise the corner with the adjuster. Note:Clockwise moves the bed. Back and forth move the paper, when you feel that there’s light resistance. Stop rotate the knob. Then it is good to go. Same as the other three corners. After you’ve adjusted each corner once, go back and check the four corners again. You may have to do further adjustments to get all four correct.
Now! You’re now ready to print on a leveled bed!


by Adrian Berdini
Dec 23,2019
Hace dos años que soy usuario de impresora 3D (Anet A8) y hace dos meses compre una Creality Ender 3. La verdad estoy sorprendido de la calidad de impresion que estoy logrando con ella y es destacable mencionar lo silenciosa que es. Felicitaciones por la calidad de impresora que fabrican. Saludo. Adrian Berdini. from Pehuajó. Buenos Aires. Argentina