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3D printing drone, A new technology to realize quick forest resource restoration

3D printing technology is getting involoved in people's lives, and 3D printers can be applied to almost every segment of the market. In the field of drone manufacturing, 3D printers are favored by their own unique advantages.
With the development of technology, the application of drones has become more diverse and widely used in many different fields. The rapid development of 3D printing technology plays a significant role in the manufacturing process of drones. Compared with traditional manufacturing, 3D printing drones have incomparable advantages, and foreign companies have begun to use 3D printing drones to save the forest, realizing quick forest resource restoration, I believe that in the future, 3D printing can be a solution to start amazing and useful projects.

Advantages of using 3D printing technology to manufacture drones

1, Save time
One of the main advantages of 3D printing is save time. Due to the possibility of iteration, you can save time during the prototyping process. But design work can also save time in the production process. Redesigning will be the solution to create fewer but more optimized parts, and by using this 3D technology you can reduce the entire manufacturing process.

2, Create technical components

To create a drone, you must choose an accurate technology that creates technical but light components. With the development of multi-material 3D printing technology, the integration of different raw materials, additive manufacturing provides a large number of technical and material choices for manufacturing projects.

3. Expand production
When using online 3D printing technology, you don't need to store parts, just order parts when you need them for prototyping and production. By this way, you can start using quality digital inventory and stop wasting space.
Svarmi uses 3D printing technology to improve the manufacturing process of drones
Svarmi, a foreign country said: “The product development process usually begins with defining constraints. Usually, manufacturing constraints are an important factor. With 3D printing, people don't need to think too much about how to manufacture, also they can save up to 30% of the initial conceptual design time. By reducing the number of components that need to be designed or procured during the design process, and by designing much fewer restrictions than milling 3D parts, you can save more time, up to 40%, not to mention the time saved in the CAM process. "
3D printing drone, A new technology to realize quick forest resource restoration
In some foreign countries, DroneSeeds has built a fleet of drones, and 3D-printing drones can plant trees more efficiently to help restore areas that are hit by fire and quickly recover forest resources. They are using 3D printing to expand their manufacturing production.

They use 3D printing material PLA and Multi Jet Fusion PA12, the company actually created complex parts that allowed them to find alternatives to injection molding.

The company actually created complex parts during the manufacture of drones, but with the use of 3D printing material PLA and Multi Jet Fusion PA12,which solved the problem of many parts requiring injection molding.
DroneSeeds needs 350 parts totally when they design the drones, by using 3d printing technology to optimize the design, get the 3d file and print out more parts needed. It is also possible to reconstruct the entire structure of the drone to achieve a perfect balance between strength and weight.
Drone can be used in a wide range of applications, and 3D printing technology can help drones create these custom projects that save the forest. In the future, 3d printing technology will contribute to our global much more than we can image.

Which make it importantly to select a good 3d printer, Creality 3d printer CR10SPRO can help achieve the fact that building a Drone with quite high quality, save more time manufacturing the models you need. 

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