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3D printing trends in 2019

As technologies rapidly advance, 3D printing is making more revolutions to the way we manufacture products, and operate business. The year 2018 has witnessed a lot of enhancement and improvement brought by additive manufacturing, design, prototype, and production. With more confidence in the coming year, what kind of innovations and implementation will 3D printing set to make? In this article, it will dissert on prediction of 3D printing trends in the future.

There has been an increased awareness in the industrial segments of different applications that additive manufacturing can support. The application driven approach is getting more and more attention. As one of the result, the financial industry claims that more funds will be invested in startups that apply 3D printing in certain domains rather than machine manufacturers, so as to discover methodologies to stimulate consultancy and co-creation. Therefore, there will be more corporations starting to use 3D printing. The application driven technology and the stimulation of the user demand will absolutely accelerate 3D printing further in the future.

On the contrary side of the famous phrase “Less is more”, a more application-based approach will be a strong drive of bringing about more materials. The willingness and the versatility of the large material suppliers and producers will enable to push technology develop forward, and there is going to be more steadily fast growth in the importance of 3D-printed plastics. Many highly demanding industries like aerospace and automotive are making compromises in order to make advances in additive manufacturing, however, they can directly go to their preferable materials for their applications either in functional prototypes.

It is clear that 3D printing evolution has started in rapid prototyping and in end-parts. The biggest evolution nowadays is that 3D printing is being adopted for serial manufacturing, hence, there are a lot of companies looking at 3D printing and integrating it to their reality. 3D printing is gradually becoming such a part of the ecosystem of mass-manufacturing. When it comes to manufacturing and production, the key factor is productivity. Take the automate industry as an example, they use efficient software to reduce labor but also improve efficiency of the entire process. In the future, by incorporating the 3D printing process and combining that with stimulation capabilities before the actual production, manufacturers can see what goes wrong and preventing avoidable mistakes. In a word, 3D printing helps reduce waste and overall profitability.

As the industry develops, more and more 3D players are entering the arena and starting to change the relations formed in the traditional manufacturing in the past 20 years. This will bring advantages to more aspects of our life. On the one side, making the process smoother will make it more cost-competitive. One the other side, it will get more designer involved because we are still at the very early stage of product life cycle in terms of the 3D printing manufacturing.

Government involvement:
It predicts that 3D printing market will develop at an annual growth rate of over 20%, so 3D printing will exert real-life consequences on residents without doubts. 3D printing is penetrating into more and more areas, such as 3D printed plastic, 3D printed houses, and 3D printed organs. 3D printing engineers can precisely estimate the risk and make it hard for government to evaluate the risks in industries, to explicit what they have to protect residents from and what they should empower. More importantly, government should pay more attention to intellectual property and product liability.

3D printing has overcome a lot of challenges in the past few years. It can be predicted that the technology can firmly establish it dominant role in industrial solution for industrial applications. All the trends mentioned above are so promising to be achieved that 3D printing will support industries on paths towards further substantial growth.

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Date: 2019.7.30