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3D tutorial | how to print a antique teapot!

We might see some antique crafts on the internet sometimes. And it is real vivid. Some amateurs may be interested in collect. Why not print out by yourself. Today, we would like to show you how to print a antique teapot! This one is the most easy file for beginners to test printing!
First of all, select an affordable 3d printer is the first step, Ender 3 right now are portraited as the cheapest 3d printer, but with high presicion!

Download the teapot slicing software from here:https://www.creality3d.cn/download/

This time we select simplify3d, you can add the support manually.(you can also have a try of noting adding support)


Finish print(the model itself is with support, so we have to remove the support first)

Publish after your printing

Now you got a detailed 3d printing teapot within just about 30 minutes.
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