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Company Activities| CREALITY is going to Build a World Class Customer Service

  Statistics show that the global 3D printing market will exceed 22 billion US dollars in the year 2022. As an emerging technology industry, 3D printing has become a focus of attention and 3D printing companies have sprung up everywhere, therefore, competition in 3D printing is becoming increasingly fierce. In the modern business world, the competition between companies directly manifests in the competition of products, whereas the role of service competition in inter-enterprise competition is becoming more and more important.
Customers are increasingly pursuing the added value of products, especially the humanistic feelings and user experiences in the consumer process. With the upgrade of the
customers service concept and the rapid development of the brand in the past five years, CREALITY 3D insists on providing higher quality 3D printers for global users, adhering to the service concept of “customer first” striving to build a first-class 3D printers.
Service Concept Upgrade
The future market competition is not only the competition of products, but also the competition of enterprise brand services. CREALITY 3D has launched a global brand upgrade conference, emphasizing that it will accelerate the globalization of strategic layout, benchmarking the internationally leading enterprises, building up a model role in 3D printing industry, enhancing brand value. In order to match the brand development strategy “To be the evangelists of 3D printing industry”, CREALITY 3D will increase its strategic investment in the service field, covering the fields of technical services, product services, sales services, etc., bringing worldwide customers a more convenient, more efficient, more transparent service system.

Adhering to the service concept of “customer first”, CREALITY 3D has been dedicating to accelerating global service layout. We are working on the establishment of a European service
centre in Belgium covering the entire European market. In the future, we will also set up an Asia Pacific Service Center and an American Service Center.
Standard Service System
Standardization is the basis for service quality and work efficiency. In terms of services, the core demands of users are high efficiency, convenience and transparency. CREALITY 3D solves 3D printer technical problems through online or on-site technical guidance, in order to better meet the diversified and multi-level needs of customers, and to form a more efficient service synergy with a standardized service process system.

Standard Product System
CREALITY 3D has been an internationally renowned 3D printer manufacturer integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and service after five years of development. The factory, certificated with BSCI and ISO, covers an area of 20,000 square meters, achieving an annual production capacity of over 500,000 pieces. Consisting of professional researchers and skilled engineers, our R&D team has been constantly striving for quality and excellence. Our products all certified to ISO9001, CE, FCC, KC, ROHS, have exported to more than 80 countries including but not limited to France, USA, Australia, Russia, Britain, Germany, Singapore, Egypt, and India, bringing convenience to all walks of life.
Online technical guidance
1. CREALITY 3D provides support on official website including common technical operation guidance, data support such as slicing software, and operation video tutorials.
2. We disseminate technical content services through
e-commerce platform, WeChat, Weibo, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, TikTok, Toutiao.
Standard Sales Team
The Service Department has specially formulated the "Customer Service Training Manual" to set up the service standards, standardize daily work, enhance the professionalism of the customer service, and further guarantee the service quality.
●24-hour customer service mechanism
●Standard etiquette
●Real-time feedback mechanism
Interview with General Manager of the Service Department
Q: How does CREALITY 3D receive and solve technical problems from customers
A: For customers in China, we have a whole team responsible
?forpre-sale part, post-sale part, and technical guidance on various online e-commerce platform and social media. We also contact customers directly via phone calls and in-person meetup. For overseas customers, we offer assistance via online social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp.

Q: What kind of solutions does CREALITY 3D have to resolve technical and post-sale problems?
A: We provide an all-around service to ensure better customer experience such as follow-up phone
call, remote video training, on-spot training, return and exchange, repair and maintenance. Moreover, we accept return and replacement due to quality problems, and carry out on-site maintenance and repair service due to non-quality problems for customers in China.

Q: Why is the Technical Department so important to the company?
A: On the one hand, the Technical Department
have to solve problems in a proper way. On the other hand, the Technical Department have to collects feedbacks from customers. We regularly report customer feedbacks to the R&D department, enabling both engineers and customers to get involved into the research and development of new products.

Q: What is the actual situation of the company's services now?
A: CREALITY 3D has set
upstrictly standard service system with zero tolerance on product defects. Generally speaking, there are relatively fewer problems in the after-sales of the products, but more issues in technical problems.

Q: What plans will CREALITY 3D implement in the near future?
A:Taking customers into account, we will 
provide a more comprehensive, more thoughtful and more perfect customer service. At the end of this year, we will set up a European Service Center which will serve all customers in Europe. In the future, we will set up the Asia Pacific Service Center and the Americas Service Center to enable the global users to enjoy better service in time.