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Company Activity| CREALITY 3D CR-10 V2 Stuns Exhibitions All Over the World

CREALITY 3D is having a busy month attending global exhibitions all over the world. During the recent week, the latest CR-10 V2 attracts wide attention at the CEI Expo 2019 in India, Saudi Mobile Show in Saudi Arabia, and the Formnext 2019 in Frankfurt. As the successor of the famous CREALITY 3D CR-10 series, CR-10 V2 is living up to the expectation of extending the formidable fame with its 7 enhancements.

Question: What is the precision of the machine? What kind of models is it capable of making?

Answer: The CR-10 V2 can achieve precision up to 0.1mm. As equipped with the wear-resisting all-metal extruding unit, it is enhanced with a more stable filament feed-in. Besides that, CR-10 V2 adopts innovatively designed dual-port cooling fans which are quite helpful for effectively reducing the risk of nozzle blockage and filament overflow, thus improving print precision and print quality.
As a leading consumer 3D printer brand, CREALITY has dedicated to 3D printer research, design and production for more than 5 years, especially for FDM 3D printer. CR-10 V2 is capable of making all kinds of 3D models, so as to be a great choice for product design, art creation, and DIY hobby cultivation.
Question: Why could CR-10 V2 print silently?
Answer: CR-10 V2 adopts the new self-developed silent motherboard matched with a TMC 2208 ultra-mute drive. Thanks to this advanced silent stepper driver, CR-10 V2 can support 200 non-stopped hours printing, and the volume lower than 50dB. You can even imagine more benefits that you can get from the TMC-2208 motherboard.

According to the survey, the Netherlands (83%), Switzerland (82%) and the United States (77%) have the highest awareness of 3D printing technology, so there is a large audience in Europe utilizing 3D printers. No wonder that a lot of DIY enthusiasts dropped by Creality booth at A-129 in Hall 12.1.

Question: CR-10 is known for its reliable performance and DIY fun. Apparently speaking, the CR-10 V2 adopts some similar designs as CR-10 like the separate control box, however, is there any other convenience and space for makers to enjoy?

Answer: Yes, it deliberately leaves some DIY upgradable space for users. Aside from the reliable Bowden extruder, CR-10 V2 offers a second choice: a Titan Aero direct extruding unit that will more suitable for printing flexible or abrasive materials like TPU, and can push filament faster to the nozzle. Simultaneously, CR-10 V2 provides an optional BL-Touch auto leveling sensor. It makes 3D printing more fun and precise for enthusiastic 3D printing fans. With BL-TOUCH, users can always adjust the parameters accurately to get the best printing results.

It is a great pleasure to go to Saudi Arabia, and Creality 3D really kick-started the first day at Saudi Mobile Show. People who dropped by our booth are mostly educators, allied business partners, and DIY hobbyists.

Question: As advertised on your website, CR-10 V2 is innovatively upgraded with 7 enhancements. What is the biggest innovation?

Answer:The biggest innovation of CR-10 V2 is the dual-port hotend cooling fans which are more helpful for heat dissipation, effectively reducing the risk of nozzle blockage and filament overflow, improving print precision and print quality. Based on experiment data, the cooling improvement is up to 55%, resulting in 10% higher overall print precision.
This little capable device can benefit you from 5 aspects:

1. Accelerate hot-end cooling and prints solidifying
2. Avoiding print problems like filament overflow and nozzle blockage
3. Better print quality with a smoother surface
4. Higher print success ration
5. Safer print experience

CR-10 V2 DIY coexists with fun and stability, effectively complementing the single functionality of the CR-10. The CR-10 V2 is of easy assembly and stable performance, allowing you to enjoy the fun of DIY 3D printing.