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Company Activity| CREALITY 3D holding Giveaway on Facebook to Unlock Users' Creativity

CREALITY 3D announced to have a FACEBOOK GIVEAWAY activity which will last for 7 weeks from September 9th to October 27th for all CREALITY users all over the world.

Why do we hold this GIVEAWAY activity?
Since its establishment in 2014, CREALITY 3D has gained wide recognition from millions of users all over the world. With the upgrade of the customer service concept and the rapid development brand awareness in the past five years, CREALITY 3D insists on providing higher quality 3D printers for global users, adhering to the service concept of “customer first” and striving to become a global leader and 3D printer leader with global influence and appeal within 3-5 years.

From the year 2014 to the year 2019, from the first product CR-3 3D printer to the latest product CR-10 V2 3D printer, from the first customer to a community of
millions users, CREALITY 3D clearly knows that how important CREALITY users means to us.


Therefore, CREALITY wants to listen to our customers ——When did they start to use CREALITY 3D printer? Which CREALITY 3D printer are they using? What are they using CREALITY 3D printer for? What do they expect CREALITY 3D to improve? Does CREALITY 3D printer work well for them? Many questions that we desire to know welcome penetrating views and insightful opinions to be as valuable feedback.

On the occasion of the release of the latest product CREALITY 3D printer CR-10 V2, CREALITY designates the upgrade version of CR-10 as one of the final prizes in order to reward our customers with our newest innovation.

The CREALITY GIVEAWAY themed “MyCrealityStory” officially starts on September 9th, will continue to October 27th.

What is going on in the CREALITY GIVEAWAY activity?
Starting from the announcement of the activity on September 4th, CREALITY GIVEAWAY activity attracted wide attention from more than 12,000 people all over the world, have more than 300 people get involved the campaign, received hundreds of pictures of awesome 3D prints.

As the activity is carried on Facebook, the activity is much more oriented for end-users. It is found that CREALITY users mainly use their CREALITY 3D printers for interest cultivation, household application, art design, and etc. We would like to share some unmissable stories and fantastic 3D prints in this article.
(It has been stated in the activity rules that CREALITY 3D has the reserved rights to use all pictures received in GIVEAWAY.)

Ryan Unruh
, from Iowa, USA, is a father of two kids. He owns an Ender-3 printer and has been one part of our CREALITY users for more than one year. During this campaign, he shared his first 3D print born out of CREALITY Ender-3 and many other prints like carefully designed vase. The most meaningful 3D print he shared is the topographical contiguous 3D model of the United States which is specially made for his daughter who is learning about the earth where we are living.

It happens that there is a similar case where 3D printing technology is used in the educational application. Julius Maada Bio, the President of Sierra Leone, applied CREALITY 3D Ender-3 PRO into national education development. They demonstrated the distribution of the unenrolled school-aged girls on a 3D map model with detail date which was produced by a 3D printer Ender-3 PRO. Therefore, 3D printed models have played an important role in other data-driven conversations, practical teaching practice.

What is creativity? "Creativity is intelligence having fun."
If you want meet some really cool stuff, you really need to see something created by Dale Bickerdyke. He is an absolutely DIY enthusiasts and Terminator fans who always works on large projects. If there is some possibility to bring the Terminator into life, Dale is undoubtedly capable of doing it. The CREALITY 3D printers that Dale is using in his daily life are CR-10S, CR-10S PRO, and CR-10 S5. Recently, he has been working on a life-size T800 robot of 195cm tall which still has a long way until finished. He wants to get it finished for when the movie comes out, and is intended to print out 2 full plasma rifles next if he has time.

Joseph Curler, a young entrepreneur who is going to start up his own business with the help of CREALITY Ender-5 3D printer. He said “Seriously couldn’t be happier with my Creality3d Ender 5 printer. Every day my companies launch gets closer and closer. My 3D printer is the cornerstone of what A Gentleman’s Outlook will bring to the men’s care market. I don’t want to go out on a limb and call it revolutionary, but it might as well be. Here I’ve made 3D printer master mold and 4 silicone inlays for 2 of our products. I already know I can add more products the already growing product line. I am confident I will have to buy at least another Ender 5.” CREALITY 3D is arranging a interview to probe into more details about how Joseph is applying 3D printer in his business.

CREALITY is really glad to see the 3D printing technology is spreading convenience and enjoyment at the same time. During the first 4 weeks, there have been a number of 3D prints created on CREALITY 3D printers, including but not limited to decorations, movie characters, animation models, household appliances, etc. The campaign is still ongoing with more and more CREALITY users getting involved in.

More 3D prints collected in this campaign:

How to participate and what will you get?
The rules are quite simple if users are interested in participation:
1st, Like and Follow our page Creality3d
 on facebook.
2nd, Tag THREE more friends and share this post.
3rd, Post your BEST prints created on CREALITY 3D printers to 
Creality3d's timeline! Above all, don’t forget hashtag #MyCrealityStory, Tag @Creality3d.

What will you get in this campaign?
“We want to pay back customers with wholehearted honesty and sincerity. In this giveaway campaign, CREALITY will delegate two latest products and one bestseller as the final prizes, which respectively are the upgraded version of CR-10 V2, the 3-in-1 modular 3D printer CP-01, and the DIY hobbyists’ best choice Ender-3 Pro.”, said Mandy, the general director of marketing department from CREALITY 3D.
In each, CREALITY randomly selects 5 lucky weekly winners who will get the specially customized CREALITY souvenirs including the CREALITY T-shirt, CREALITY tool kit, and the 3D printed moon lamp.

It is not only a giveaway campaign but also a good opportunity for customers to exchange and share opinions about 3D printing technology. In future, CREALITY 3D will continue to hold global activities for customers around the world through new roundtables, live broadcasts of new production lines, live broadcasts of new products, etc., allowing users to truly participate in R&D, production and marketing. And every aspect of the service, and let the global users really enjoy the convenience and fun brought by technology.