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Company Activity| Creality3D Debuts in the Grand Bay Innovation and Entrepreneurship Expo in Shenzhen

Shenzhen, as an important window for reforming and opening up, has gained prominent scores in multiple aspects and turned into a glamourous, dynamic and vigorous global innovative city. At present, Shenzhen is once again entrusted with the model of “demonstration pilot zone”, from “special economic zone” to “demonstration pilot zone”. How can Shenzhen measure up to this banner? How can Shenzhen seize this opportunity and where will enterprises in Shenzhen head to?
innovation test
In 21st August, 2019, Beijing Time, the Hua Dong Worldwide, China Development Center of SASC(State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council) and HCH Ventures of Haier Group jointly host the first GCIE Grand Bay Innovation and Entrepreneurship Expo Press Conference and solemnly open a ceremony for this grand event in Shenzhen, China.
Long Yongtu, chief negotiator on entering WTO, former Secretary-General of Boao Forum for Asia, former Vice-Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation and Co-lead President of Global CEO Conference United Nations, Liu Yinxia, Director of China Commerce Development Center of SASC, Tian Ying, Secretary General of Global Wealth Forum along with other social activists and entrepreneurs from various social organizations aggregating more than 500 people have been invited to attend to the conference. Among them, Shenzhen Creality3D Technology Co., Ltd. is also asked to attend as an outstanding model of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of Shenzhen City. Chen Chun, Co-founder and President of Shenzhen Creality3D Technology Co., Ltd. wasAs a future prospect for Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, this conference aims at
granted a Vice President of Hua Dong Worldwide and Liu Huilin, Co-founder and Vice President of Shenzhen Creality3D Technology Co., Ltd. accepted this award on behalf of Co-founder Chen Chun.
answeringto the state call for “encourage startups and innovation” and explores the path for China enterprises of self-innovation.It also helps to land the Innovation-driven development strategy and build a new economic engine. It has bridged and spurred more conversations between local governments and enterprises and set a global stage where they can preach their inspiring concepts and plans to the rest of the world, which will help China’s economy quickly “goes global” and “brings in” new thoughts and new ways of doing business.
The press conference was highlighted by Vice-Minister Long Yongtu’s lecture Enterprise Innovation and Globalization Opportunities.In regard to the recent preferential policy that State Council and China Communist Party have co-nominated Shenzhen as one of the demonstration pilot zone for socialism with Chinese characteristics(the other is Shanghai),he commented the policy and explained why Shenzhen’s economy was able to surpass so many cities in China in such a short years and is one of the most opportunities abound cities.It relies on Shenzhen’s special location——which is abut to Hong Kong. He stressed the point that “The fates of Shenzhen and Hong Kong are closely interrelated. Only when Hong Kong is in good order and condition, will Shenzhen be good.”He also added that enterprises in Shenzhen should listen to the call of China’s central government and make substantial progresses in entrepreneurship and innovation. Only when they focus on human capital, gear to international rules and regulations, enterprises can form global vision under versatile word situations and become global-competitive enterprises.
       Liu Huilin(Left),Long Yongtu(Middle), Liu Yingxia(Right)
 In this regard, Creality3D has the same view with Longy Yongtu. Creality3D was not only entrenched in this city but also follow the path of entrepreneurship and innovation. Since we started our company, we hold the core business values of integrity, innovation ,responsibility and win-win and stick to the strategic road of independent research, win-win operation, open and inclusiveness to build a world-leading smart century-old manufacturing enterprise.Creality co-founder and president, Chen chun, as an honorary member of Hua Dong Worldwide, is a great recognition from event hosts. We believe that in the future, Creality3D will bravely stride forward and take good use of technological strengths and cement the path for global entrepreneurial and innovative enterprises.