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Company Activity| Creality3D Witnesses Feng Jiahui Won Silver Medal in Future Skill Competition

On 28th August, the 45th Word Skills Competition had held the close ceremony in Kazan, Russia. 1,335 competitors from more than 69 countries and regions vie for proving their skills and brainy minds. After 6 days of fierce competition,Chinese delegation takes the crown of year 2019 with 16 gold medals, 14 silver and 5 bronze at World Skills competition.

Feng Jiahui, from Shenzhen Institute of Technology, also joined the delegation and took part in future skills project on industrial design of World Skills Competition in Kazan, Russia and won a silver medal in industrial design of future skills competition. Feng has been using Creality3D’s printer to help himself in daily training, event preparation and pre-match drills. We are glad that  Creality3D’s printer has played indispensable role throughout his competition.
At 2:00 in the afternoon, several couples of Creality3D staff along with Li Tao, the president of Shenzhen Institute of Technology, Dong xiao and Kong Ning picked Feng Jiahui and other participated peers and guiding teachers up at Shenzhen Boan International Airport.We congratulated them on winning honors for China and returning home in victory with warm welcome.
The Future Skills Zone was based on a “smart city” model focused on key fields of activity such as Production and Engineering Technology, Information and Digital Technology, Energy Development, Medicine, Agriculture, Transportation, Art, and Design.In this fierce competition, the honor of silver medal in industrial design that Feng Jiahui has earned is a witness to the great current and future potential application value that our 3D printers can endorse.This cooperation between our enterprise and institutions is no doubt a demo model for incorporating education with industrial practices as well as a successful paradigm for school and enterprise cooperation.  

Future skills competition in Kazan is not only a thrilling competitive event in the 3rd BRICS Skills Development&Technology Innovation Competition but also an important activity in the 45th WorldSkills Competition. Now we may consider entering onto a bigger global stage after being one of the co-sponsor of one belt one road in the previous BRICKS Skills competition in China ,

Bearing ingenious design in mind, Creality3D kept seeking the path of technological innovation in 3D printing. As a great paradigm of holding contests to promote pedagogy and inspiring students, Creality3D will stick to its original intention and thrive to realize more technological breakthroughs as well as produce good quality 3D printers. We will push more experiments of combing education with industrial practice and promote cooperation between school and enterprises as well as contribute to national education for practical tech talents strategy.