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Company Activity|CREALITY 3D Cares For Students in Guizhou and Supports Maker Education in Southwest China

One donation changes a student’s life path.

Creality3D is willing to take CSR and to care for students in relatively-underdeveloped areas.In the morning of 21st, September, in the Yangchangping middle school of Yangchangping Town in Panzhou City, Guizhou Province, the dedication ceremony of charity activity, “Warmth spreads to Guizho. Philanthropy has no boundaries.official started. Jointly held and called by the Board, the Party Branch and the Labour Union of Creality3D, they totally donate 22 3D printers and 110 spools of filaments as well as 20,000yuan aids for 20 most needy students.

Heading to Guizhou, Pass On Kindness
To not interfere
students’ daily curriculum, this activity is held in Saturday. In the morning of 21st, September, Zhang Bing, the Deputy Mayor of Jichangping Town, Wen Jing, the Principal of Jichangping Central School, Wang Pengfei, the Vice Principal of Jichangping Central School, Zhang Yisheng, the President of Creality3D’s Labour Union, Han Zongbo, the Manger of Creality3D’s Brand Operation Depart., Li Deng, the Manger of Creality3D’s Domestic Sales Depart get together in the campus of Jichangping Central School,as well as other as teaching stuffs in Jichangping, teachers in other aided schools and aided students in Jichangping to held the dedication ceremony.

During the event, Wenjing, the Principal of Jichangping Central School gives a speech. He warmly praised Creality3D’s kind act and showed sincere appreciation on behalf of the students. He pointed out that thiskind aid would give the school new faiths. They will further improve the development of the school’s innovation and science education. And with this upbeat spirit, he hopes to condense and inspire the whole teaching staff’s knowledge towards a higher level. He also has educated those children to bear the patriotic love in mind, be grateful for what the society has given them and learn and grow to be a well-educated citizen with good grade points in return for social cares received.

What’s pass on to them is kindness yet it fabricates faith in young minds. A well-educated child is the future of our nation and society. The helps those needy students received will help them better engage and prepare in society. The representative students of aided students said that they sincerely thank Creality3D for this kindness aid and she would always hold the gratefulness in mind, keeping progress and learning to fulfill her value and to reward society in the future.

Sincere Donation  Fond of Education

Han Zongbo, Manager of Marketing Department from Creality3D
told in the event that the 3D printer that Creality3D had bought to Guizhou will let the premium quality education in Shenzhen gear to Jichangping Town. They will work hard to make Jichangping the model of innovation and science education in southwest mountainous areas. Students will be empowered by new education concept. In the end, he also has encouraged the student to be tenacious and hardworking. In the world of opportunities, the future will be better with young minds.

After the ceremony, Shenzhen Creality3D offered donation of 3D printers and student aid to 21 schools and 20 students. Science and technology drives our nation forward. Teenage acts as the ready force for pushing technologies. As a 3D industry evangelist, Creality3D dedicated himself to bring innovative education to mountainous areas, to prepare better education opportunities for teenagers and to nurture future workforce in smart manufacturing.

To share education sources and to better reveal 3D printing, Creality3D’s staff bring a vivid and fun DIY courses for students. Student shows great curiosities and enthusiasm during the course. In the end, students have also received small gifts and 3D printed Luna Lamp became the most popular gifts among others.

When Li Deng, the Manger of Creality3D’s Domestic Sales Depart, demos the 3D printer, curious teachers and children rush to the podium to see how a 3D printer works. The 3D printer they donate is CR-20, a popular 3D printer overseas. Teachers and students can operate it after simple learning and operation.

Walk into the mountain Targeted Poverty Alleviation

Creality3D’s stuff has visited some impoverished families in
moutaineous areas. We visit Chen Hu, one teen who’s in first grade of Yike Primary School.Not until they arrived at Chen’s home, had they realize how unfavorable conditions are for the teen’s growth.Chen Hu lives with his old grandma in a shabby mud-brick house. There are only several pieces of furniture in the house. They’ve also told that Chen Hu’s mother was diagnosed of cerebellar atrophy and his father is handicapped and can only do part time jobs to support the family. Recently, his mother’s diseases recurs and his father brought her to Kunming. They’ve loaned out of balance for curing her mom and now they have to live on government grants.

Chen Hu’s eye is full of silence at the first look of strangers. Creality’s staff tries to open his mind through small talks yet he remained silence even when they asked did he love the 3D printer and those small printing models. Yet he disarms his defenses when he saw those 3D printed gifts and he couldn’t help play those toys.
Keep the original attention Keep going

These visits to Guizhou Province are a big moment for Creality3D in helping impoverished areas’ education. In the future, Creality3D will shoulder the social responsibilities and stride in the philanthropic path of alleviating property with science and technology, helping our nation step forward.