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Company Activity|CREALITY 3D Finished its Exhibition at Global Sources Mobile Electronics Fair in Hong Kong

CREALITY 3D concluded its 4-day trip at Global Source Mobile Electronics Fair in Hong Kong from Oct. 18th to Oct. 21st, with more business development with clients mainly from Southeast Asia, and Europe, treasuring opportunities of listening to customers.

At the booth 9G36 in Hall 9, CREALITY 3D not only displayed the most effective 3D printing solutions represented by the DIY 3D printer Ender-3, and the dual color 3D printer CR-X, but also the latest innovations represented by the 3-in-1 modular printer CP-01 and CR-10 V2, the upgraded version of CR-10. Moreover, all visitors stopped by our booth were being able to get a chance to appreciate the on-spot printing by CREALITY 3D printer.

The versatile modular 3D printing machine CP-01 attracted wide attention as it integrates all functions at the same, 3D printing, laser engraving, CNC carving. CREALITY engineers presented a real-time printing under the mode of laser engraving, producing out a Beijing Opera Facial Mask.

With a universal connector, CP-01 can switch between different printing modes via 2 screws.Visitor said that CP-01 might be difficult for entry-level users who know little about laser engraving and CNC carving. Sticking to the“customer-first”service concept, CREALITY 3D shall update more how-to-use tutorials on CP-01 in the near future.

Since its release in 2017, the predecessor CR-10 has won worldwide acclaim even praised to be Best Desktop 3D printer in 2017, the Best Value for Money 3D Printer 2018, the Best 3D Printer under 500$ in 2019. Undoubtedly, CR-10 V2 can be such eye-catching as it broads both merits from CR-10 and new upgrades of itself.

CR-10 V2 already won some fans during its trial phase. Darin Zanyar from Sweden told us that he is quite satisfied with CR-10 V2 printing results and printing performance. Thanks to the TMC2208 ultra-silent mainboard, the machine can work quietly like no noise generates. He also joked that if the cooling fans can be quiet too, it will be more perfect.


"It was an impressive 4-day journey in Hong Kong. We really treasuredthis opportunities to know more about our customers, what they want, what they truly care about, what concerns them the most. During the exhibition, CREALITY welcomed old clients and also met with new customers. In the near future, we will go to Germany, Dubai. Looking forward to more meetups with people outside." said Wisley Wu, the product engineer from CREALITY.