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Company Activity|CREALITY 3D Finished Its Tour at TCTSHOW2019•Birmingham Displaying the Newest Innovation

CREALITY 3D finished a 3-day tour at TCTSHOW2019 in Birmingham, UK from September 24th to September 26th, with the launches of the newest products and the display of the latest 3D printing solutions.

TCT Show is a world-leading, industry-defining trade show for design-to-manufacturing innovation, focused on additive manufacturing, 3D printing, design and engineering technology, which brings an array of world-leading professionals from key industries, leading industry exhibitors, and cutting-edge technologies together. It provides a platform which enables 300 exhibitors to increase brand awareness and market share for their business, and over 1,000 visitors to gain insights into industry trends. During the show, CREALITY 3D, as one of the leading manufacturer of 3D printing industry from China, highly valued the opportunity to exchange opinions with industry benchmarks companies such as Stratasys, Renishaw, Ultimaker, and 3D Systems, and to provide international customers practical additive manufacturing solutions.

"It was an excellent time for CREALITY 3D at TCT, a lot of interest from quite a variety of markets and industries, a lot of conversation with technicians, engineers and students. People came to us for knowing about the innovative insights in 3D printing industry and inquiring about our latest products. Getting in front of people and being able to show them our products in person is great for us. Look forward to the TCT in next year!” said Leon Yu, the General Manager of Overseas Business Department from CREALITY 3D.
The Latest CREALITY 3D Products Attracted Wide Attention
During the show, CREALITY 3D presented at Booth A56 in Hall 3&3A. It was even more highlighted with the two latest products ——the smart modular machine CP-01 and the newly designed enclosed DIY plus machine CP-500, which attracted a number of people to drop by due to the unique design and excellent quality.

CREALITY 3D CP-01 manifests the first innovation attempt in multifunctional modular 3D printing machine. It introduces an integrated three-function system, enabling users to unlock greater creative possibilities, via 3D printing, laser engraving, and CNC carving. With a printing volume of 200X200X200mm, the CREALITYCP-01 can reach its maximum potential in each of its printing modes, bound to be the best choice for all DIY enthusiasts and even independent designers.

Though appearing as an image of cubic 3D printer with a large printing volume of 320X300X350mmThe most frequently inquired standout is the CP-500, the independently developed whole machine, CP-500 is actually a DIY 3D printer. Equipped with TMC-256 ultra silent motherboard, customers can enjoy a quiet printing environment under 50dB. Not only intelligent in print resume function and filament detection, CP-500 enjoys a strong point of smart reminder which notices the completion of the 3D prints via color-changing LED lights. Based on the exciting customer feedback, CP-500 is believed to be an industrial-grade DIY 3D printing machine performing higher stability and reliability. It is announced that the highly anticipated new product will be official released in next month.
Provide Comprehensive Solutions Leading the Development of All Walks of Industries
The announcement of CREALITY 3D attending TCT Show in Birmingham aroused a stir of excitement among audiences a month ago, and the on-spot Scene lived up to people’s expectation. Technical engineers from CREALITY 3D answered the questions raised by the exhibitors one by one with professional and meticulous standards, providing newest additive manufacturing solutions for all walks of life, engineering students, educators, designers, and DIY hobbyists.

Senior technical engineer Loyar clearly introduced the CREALITY 3D DLP 3D printer LD-002 for Britain Physicist in terms of the technique principle, product advantages, and practical applications. According to Layor, the DLP 3D printers represented by LD-002 from CREALITY 3D has widely used in automotive production, consumer electronics, medical health, jewelry design. It is also widely popular in laboratories because of its high precision, high efficiency in quick modeling, which is really helpful for scientific experiments. The Britain Physicist Abel Williams indicated the strong intention of bringing 3D printers into his research.
Aspire with New Vision, Look into the Future
3D printing technology has been regarded as the standard-bearer of the Industry4.0 Revolution, is exerting critical influences on key industries including automotive, aerospace, healthcare and consumer products. CREALITY 3D has dedicated to the R&D, design, and production of 3D printing equipments for more than 5 years since its establishment in 2014, providing 3D printing solutions for families, institutes, enterprises. The appearance of CREALITY 3D on TCT SHOW 2019 in Birmingham not only manifested a good brand image on the international stage, but also embodies a strategic route of "openness and tolerance."

In the future, CREALITY 3D will stick to innovation, produce more and more functional 3D printers to meet all-around customer demands, spreading the convenience of 3D printing technology thousands upon thousands of families and households.