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Company Activity|CREALITY 3D Sponsored Canadian Space Concordia in EU Rover Challenge Triumphing Top 10

CREALITY3D, has announced the special sponsorship of CREALITY 3D printers to Space Concordia, a Canadian space association dedicated to advanced engineering projects, to promote international higher education achieving groundbreaking researches and studies in aerospace.

During the latest fifth version of the European Rover Challenge, the international Martian
robots competition, Space Concordia triumphed to be Top 10 among 28 teams from 13 countries.

Outreaching Far Beyond Limits, Challenges collaborate Possibilities

European Rover Challenge competition concluded in September in Kielce, Poland. The three-day event was the culmination of a several month-long The fifth edition of the stage in which students from technical universities from five continents had been designing and constructing fully autonomic Martian robots under the guidance of their mentors. In a specially designed Mars Yard, whose surface was geologically extremely complex this year, the contestants competed in four field tasks to demonstrate how their robots were prepared for space missions. During this campaign, one of the most practical experiment instruments applied by Space Concordia was the Ender-3 3D printer which was specially sponsored by CREALITY 3D at the beginning of September.

Their independently designed Mars rover, ASTRo is built to assist astronauts with its sophisticated gripper, able to twist knobs, pull levers, and type on a keyboard. ASTRo’s robotic arm can be swapped out for an onboard biochemical sampling and testing station, allowing the rover to detect signs of life in soil samples while exploring semi-autonomously the field. Space Concordia utilized CREALITY Ender-3 3D printer to print the component parts on the multipurpose Manipulator arm, which helped them shorten more time from onboard science experiments to finial current design.

European Rover Challenge is one of the biggest international space and robotics event in the world. The main part of ERC is an international robotics competition in which rovers constructing teams compete in the tasks analogous to those performed by rovers on the surface of Mars and the Moon. The competition has been enjoying a very high prestige since its first edition in 2014. Boosting Space Concordia to rank Top 10 in this international competition proves the initiative of CREALITY 3D playing an important role in promoting the development of education and scientific research both in home and abroad.

Sponsorship Special Originates from Shared Mission

"What Space Concordia stands for is the fact that not only is space interesting, but that it is very accessible for people in local elementary schools to international conferences. We are aiming to inspire people to go the extra step and explore beyond." said Hannah Jack Halcro, the President of Space Concordia from 2018 to 2019.

Space Concordia is a 100% student-run space research association supported by Concordia University faculty and the Canadian Space Agency. Aiming to study the impact of climate change on Kluane Lake in Yukon, and to demonstrate the viability of a high performance flight computer for future CubeSat missions, Space Concordia initiated the project in summer 2018, beginning to exert a difference in scientific research, meanwhile, enabling an opportunity to engage students in a real space mission. Triumphing in talent advantage, solid research foundation, resourceful international competition, Space Concordia succeeded in setting up some milestones in their research and study process.

When seeing the valuable opportunity of being a part of their sponsors, CREALITY hardly hesitates to extend the intention of sponsorship. As a leading 3D printer manufacturer in China, CREALITY 3D has taken a clear-cut stand in various industry fields like education, art design, mold manufacturing in China, and has been willing to contribute to global philanthropies. "We would like to collaborate on projects that meaningfully impact both our associations and the whole society. CREALITY 3D is always as the evangelist of 3D printing industry to pass on the convenience and influence of 3D printing technology. Sponsorship to Space Concordia enables us to foresee more possibilities for future talent engineers and 3D printing technology. As a beneficial start, CREALITY 3D presented the bestselling 3D printer Ender-3 to Space Concordia for free in September." said Mandy, the general director of the Marketing Department from CREALITY 3D.

Promising Prospects of 3D Printing, Ultimate Expectations in 3D Printing

Technology is changing everything, especially in schools, the growing digitization is a big issue and the field of 3D printing is especially paying attention, which will completely change the way students learn and the physical tangibility of the content, learning in a special way.

The use of innovative 3D printing in educations make sense in specific projects. With the advantages of time reducation, confidentiality, free design, ease of access, sustainability, students can explore different topics and turn their ideas into 3D models, design three-dimensional objects on the computer, apply innovative technologies, evaluate and correct results.

Specific examples of how students can use a 3D printer in the classroom:
- History students can print out historical artifacts to examine
- Graphic Design students can print out 3D versions of their artwork
- Geography students can print out topography, demographic, or population maps
- Chemistry students can print out 3D models of molecules
- Math students can print out 3D models of problems to solve

Taking Space Concordia as an example again, the application of 3D printing opens new possibility for learning and scientific research, meanwhile, enable students and researchers to be more self-motivated than before. 
3D printed models make everything hands-on, which
expand the opportunity of knowledge previously unavailable and troubleshooting complicated issues. No matter a pyramid, or data analysis, 3D printers produce out the best outcomes.


Presently, the increasing numbers of 3D printers in schools and laborytory is not only due to the increasing recognition of 3D printing being a relevant and engaging educational tool, but also relates to the number and availability of low cost 3D printing machines. As technology get more andmore mature, 3D printers will be an increasingly engaging educational tool recongnized by educators and researchers, and then students.

Innovation, Creation, Aspiration
Bearing the mission of 3D printing industry evangelist, CREALITY 3D has accumulated experience and integrated advantages in design, production, and trade since its establishment in 2014. Our products all certified CE, FCC, ROHS, have exported to more than 80 countries including but not limited to France, USA, Australia, Russia, Britain, Germany, Singapore, Egypt, and India, bringing convenience to all walks of life. During the previous 5 years, CREALITY 3D has gain global recognition from thousands of customers. CREALITY 3D printers such as Ender series and CR series 3D printers ensure the strongly stable performance, enable users to unlock creativity in DIY assembly process and upgrade process as well. As a leading China-based 3D printing company, CREALITY 3D has taken a essentially leading role in education field, with efforts in holding national 3D printing skill competition as the unarguable proof.

In the future, CREALITY 3D will keep stepping forward and achieving more innovative breakthroughs, and producing better quality 3D printers to serve more walks of industries. Meanwhile, CREALITY 3D will promote the integration of production and education, school-enterprise cooperation experiments, and contribute to the implementation of the "application-oriented talent training" strategy.

Create Reality  Achieve Dreams