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Company Activity|Creality 3D's exhibition in CES is successfully concluded in Las Vegas

From January 7th to 10th, the 4-day CES exhibition ends today. Creality 3D also gains a lot in this exhibition. Many enthusiasm for printer and customers from all countries and regions have come to our show, to talk with our staff about the 3D printing. Here, everybody share their ideas about the trends or prospects in the 3D printing industry. Many clients also give us feedback on the experience they encountered when using the 3D printer. In addition, they also tell their interesting story about 3D printer. Our overseas specialists and sales managers communicate with clients passionately.

(This cute boy is one user of Creality 3D printer)

The most popular printers are CR-10 V2, Ender-3 Pro and LD-002R. Lots of visitors are impressed by the high precision of CR-10 V2 and smooth surface of model it printed , and are interested in purchasing the printer. For the hot printer Ender-3pro, people also like it as always. And the LD-002R has been also well recognized by people. In the future, we will continue to produce 3D printers with more stable operation and higher printing accuracy to feed back customers.


Our customers are a group of people with innovation and creativity. They make the world of 3D printing colorful. One of our customers gives us the great impressive because of his cool and fashionable decorations. More importantly, the decorations on his clothes are all printed with our 3D printer, including the arms, cuffs, hats and eye mask. We are so pleased to see the new design printed out by our customers with the Creality 3D printer, which all reminds us that the mission of Creality 3D is “Create Reality, Achieves Dreams”.


As the 3D printing industry evangelist, Creality 3D will further strengthen communication and cooperation with all sectors of society, promote the popularization and application of 3D printer technology, and promote the development of the national intelligent manufacturing industry with practical actions. Let's look forward to the CES exhibition in 2021. Creality 3D will meet you with the more mature technology and a better 3D printer.