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Company Activity|CREALITY as a Part of Attendees Celebrated the China-EU Sports Day in Brussels, Belgium

CREALITY grabbed the opportunity to attend the first China- EU Sports Day hosted by the Mission of China to the EU on Wednesday, September 25th, displaying the innovative 3D printing technology, showing the broad prospects in China-EU innovation cooperation.

Zhang Ming, the ambassador of the mission to the European Union, Cao Zhongming, Ambassador of Belgium, and Wei Gang, Director of the Asia-Pacific Directorate of the European Union's Foreign Action Agency, attended the event. Nearly 5,000 people from all walks of life participated in the event, witnessed Chinese culture and the 70 years of development PRC. As a representative of China's 3D printing companies, CREALITY 3D presented the most cutting-edge 3D printing technology to the people in Europe.
At the event site, a spacious "Chinese living room" was built to provide a platform where people can make an in-depth cultural exchange. Accompanied by the guzheng melody, Chinese and European friends were enjoying learning chess, studying calligraphy, appreciating traditional folk paper-cutting art, and trying on wooden watermarks so as to understand the experience of Chinese medicine culture. In the corporate exhibition area, a number of Chinese companies have demonstrated their achievements in investment operations in Europe. Guests experienced high-tech such as 3D printing on the spot and praised the prospects for innovation cooperation between China and Europe.

As a representative of China's 3D printing company, CREALITY 3D exhibited the best-selling 3D printer CR-10 Max and its related solutions, showing China's 3D cutting-edge technology to the world. Ambassador Zhang Ming, the head of the mission to the European Union also curiously visited CREALITY 3D's booth, learned about how 3D printing works and the benefits of 3D printing for future developments.  CREALITY engineer Tim how to use 3D printer on spot to people dropped by.

This global event foresees the broad prospects for China-EU innovation cooperation. CREALITY will not forget the initial heart and the future, and unswervingly increase investment in R&D in product innovation, focus on the global market to participate in competition and cooperation, keep up with the forefront of the times, and launch more perfect 3D printing products to promote high-end technology in China and Europe. Exchanges will further enhance the traditional friendship between the Chinese and European people and contribute their own strength.