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Company Activity|“Creality Cup” 3D Printing Model Skill Competition Successfully Concluded in Hangzhou

2019 China skills contest - international vocational skills contest of Electronic information services – “Creality Cup” 3D printing model skill competition is successfully concluded in Hangzhou from November 28 to December 1.

"Creality Cup" 3D printing model skills competition, sponsored by China Electronic Chamber of Commerce and China vocational training technology guidance center, organized by Beijing Institute of enterprise learning, education, and technology, and supported by Shenzhen Creality3D Technology Co., Ltd, has a final at Hangzhou. It took six months. after layers of selection, the national finals kicked off.

As a major competition in China's education, the "Creality Cup" 3D printing model skills competition aims to accelerate the cultivation of high skilled talents, promote the construction of skilled talents in China, and provide talent support for industrial development.

As the 3D printing industry evangelist, Creality 3D will further strengthen communication and cooperation with all sectors of society, promote the popularization and application of 3D printer technology, and promote the development of the national intelligent manufacturing industry with practical actions. In the whole contest, Creality 3D is accompanied, trying to provide the whole process of technical services and guidance for the competition, CT-005 (DLP), CT-300 (FDM) to help the competition go smoothly.