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Company Activity|CREALITY Enters China 3D-Printing Innovation Museum

The museum is a treasure house of culture, playing an important role of collection. The culture, articles and materials are systematically presented according to certain ideas, so that the brand has connotation, the product has its roots and the quality is visible.

In May 2019, China's 3D Printing Innovation Museum was settled in Pingshan District, Shenzhen. Following the China 3D-Printing Cultural Museum in Shanghai, the China 3D-Printing Innovation Museum has been the second museum in China themed 3D-Printing. Authorized by the Industrial and Cultural Development Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information, the 3D-Printing Innovation Museum is themed additive manufacturing (3D printing) and three-dimensional culture. The building covers an area of 4,000 square meters with permanent exhibition halls, theme exhibition halls, three-dimensional space-time corridors, holographic projection interactive exhibition halls, 3D printing research centers, 3D future era and other functional areas. It plays an important role of 3D printed art works collection, data collection and exhibition display, also an essential platform where 3D designer gather together, education activities and academic research are carried out.

On September 1st, 2018, China 3D-Printing Cultural Museum officially collected the CREALITY 3D LD-001 3D printer. One year later, CREALITY 3D printer LD-001 and other hot-selling CREALITY 3D products Ender-3, CR-10, and CR-2020 have been official collected by China 3D-Printing Innovation Museum. Enjoying such an honor, CREALITY 3D has been the first brand of consumer 3D printers entering the China 3D-Printing Innovation Museum.

Since its release in June 2018, LD-001 has received much attention and has designated to be used in the “2019 Belt and Road and BRICS National Skills Development and Technology Innovation Competition”. Adopting LCD light curing technology, LD-001 presents strong performance in precision, which empowers greater possibility in jewelry and dentistry. The CR-2020 was released in March 2017, with its total shipment exceeding 100,000 units. The Eastern Airlines has developed a long-term partnership with CREALITY 3D by applying CR-2020 to print precise accessory parts directly used in the cabin.

The CREALITY 3D CR-10 was released in July, 2016. It has enjoyed a wide popularity among 500,000+ users at home and abroad, with thousands of videos listed on YouTube. CR-10 has been as a trademark in Europe and America. Inheriting its legacy, CR-10S and CR-10 Mini released one after another in October 2016, to meet various needs of different customers with more upgraded functions. In 2018, the CR-10S Pro was unveiled in a more refined and simple shape. CREALITY 3D is market-oriented and customer-oriented, always taking customers’ demands as priority. Keep the pursuit of quality products, CREALITY 3D released its CR-10 Max in May 2019, which is larger in size and more stable in performance. With an idea of "Start again on the base of the classic", CR-10 V2 will hit the market by its improved functions, enhanced systems, novel design.

Ender-3 was launched in April 2018, and followed by Ender-3Pro was launched. Since then, the Ender-3 series has long occupied the forefront of Amazon's sales rankings, becoming another hot-selling series after CR-10. The Ender-3 series has been so popular all over the world and known as the king of cost-effective that many foreign makers are eager to recommend it. It is also a "BEST VALUE" machine rated by world-renowned 3D printing websites such as ALL 3DP and 3DHUBS.

To create a 3D printing research and innovation platform integrating "political-production-study-research-use-capital" to promote the standardization, rapid and healthy development of the 3D printing industry, is the original intention of the establishment of the 3D printing innovation museum, and is also the shared mission of all institutional units and professionals in the industry. It is a great honor for CREALITY 3D to be recognized by colleagues in the industry. In the future, CREALITY 3D will continue to uphold the core values of integrity, innovation, responsibility and win-win cooperation, and deliver it in the spirit of 3D printing industry evangelists, so that thousands of households can enjoy the convenience brought by 3D printing technology.