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Company Activity|CREALITY3D Attends the 4th BRIDGE for Cities Event in Austria

  From 3rd to 4th September 2019, CREALITY 3D is attending the large-scale annual event “BRIDGE for Cities – Belt and Road Initiative: Developing Green Economies for Cities” organized and held by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and the Finance Center for South-South Cooperation (FCSSC) in Austria. 

  To advance the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the New Urban Agenda, the event will highlight the theme of Connecting Cities through the New Industrial Revolution, divided into four different concepts: Plenary Sessions, City-to-City Matchmaking, Case Cities’ Solutions Exhibition, and Cultural Performances. In a discussion-oriented manner (“Davos Style”), the event shall stimulate exchanges with the audiences, and general discussion at the end of each session.


  The event opened with a speech addressed by Mr. Cai E-sheng, the Chairman of the Finance Center for South-South Cooperation, which focused on deepening the understanding along with the “Belt and Road” initiative from the city viewpoint, analyze how High-tech parks and innovation hubs may power the urban economy. Next follows the ribbon-cutting ceremony performed by Mr. Cai E-sheng, the Chairman of the Finance Center for South-South Cooperation, Mr. Li Yong, the Director-General of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, and etc. 


As one of the leading Chinese high-tech enterprises, CREALITY3D has enjoyed such an honorable opportunity of communicating with internationally recognized companies face to face, sharing advanced technology accomplishments and valuable insights on future technology trends, and developing a partnership with more regions and countries at the case cities exhibition. 


 As showed in the banner, CREALITY themed “Discover the CREALITY 3D Printers that will simplify your work and deliver quality results”, which properly accord with a specific set of the conference at macro-level. The latest self-developed 3D printer CP-500 and CR-10 Max aroused great interest among audiences from home and abroad. The CREALITY 3D CR-10 PRO and CR-100 showcased as real examples of smart industry 4.0- related tools. 


Mrs. Yan Rongli from CREALITY 3D introduced the CREALITY 3D CR-10S PRO to the Austrian physicists, from the aspects of research and development, design, production, and the product itself. The CR-10S PRO is one of the bestsellers of CREALITY 3D enjoying wide popularity overseas. From the perspective of practical application, Mr. Yan also expressed that 3D printing technology has been conducting radical changes in all trades and industries, such as automotive, aerospace, medical science, entertainment industry, and especially in smart manufacturing since its appearance in the 1980s. Therefore, the 3D printing technology shall be expected to play a way more essential role in supporting circular, environmental-friendly, industrial development. As a positive result, the two gentlemen physicists desire to introduce helpful instruments like CR-10S PRO into their workflow to accelerating significant achievements. 


  Mr. Zhong Jiantian from CREALITY 3D did a comprehensive presentation on the CR-100 mini 3D printer. Though compact, the mini CR-100 is such a capable tool of producing its huge action of reinforcement in education, especially the primary school classrooms. In China, the CR-100 3D printer has entered into many primary schools and social communities since CREALITY 3D promotes social activities for a public good hand in hand with educators and volunteers. In the future, competition among enterprises has been far beyond the traditional sense of the product and technology competitiveness, it appears the talent competition. Enable students and employees to get to know advanced technology earlier shall be taken into account by educational institutions, corporations, and even countries. 


In the afternoon, Shenzhen Industry Delegation led by Mr. Wu You, the Deputy Secretary-General of Shenzhen Municipal People's Government, and Mr. Yu Jing, the Deputy Director of Shenzhen Development and Reform Commission visited CREALITY 3D booth. Mr. Yu Changrong, the Executive Director of CREALITY 3D Overseas Business Development delivered a warm welcome to these distinguished guests and stressed the importance of participating in the event. Mr. Yu also introduced six key areas where 3D printing technology is exerting influence, and how CREALITY 3D is playing a leading role in the whole 3D printing industry. This international event is such a large platform offering opportunities to exploit pioneering efforts for both cities and leading enterprises. 

Another highlight of this event is the session of City-to-City Matchmaking, showcasing concrete urban industrial development solutions and partnerships, bringing to the forefront urban stakeholders, mayors, and decision-makers together from case cities and regions along the Belt and Road. Leaders from various industries asserted that the Fourth Industrial Revolution will have a deep impact on urban development in the future by affecting the way in which cities will develop spatially and economically. 



Under the background of the next industrial revolution, Industry 4.0 introduces what has been called the “smart manufacturing” process. The essential components of the industry 4.0 comprise Big Data, AI, AR, Cloud Technology, 3D printing, etc. 3D printing has been ushering more and more significant changes from all-round aspects. By and large, many companies shall benefit from adopting 3D printing. As a core part, 3D printers are required to broad faster speed, higher reliability, stronger safety, and better quality. Bearing the mission of being a world-leading smart century-old manufacturing enterprise in mind, CREALITY 3D keeps push forward on the way, and makes good use of technological strengths, and cements the path for global entrepreneurial and innovative enterprises.