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Company Activity|Highlights from the CREALITY 3D CR-10 V2 Global Launch Event

On the morning of September 29th, CREALITY 3D successfully finished the CR-10 V2 global launch event, revealing highlights of the newest products in terms of appearance, performance, and upgradable DIY space. The live show was broadcasted on CREALITY YouTube channel and CREALITY Facebook Homepage, receiving hot discussions among audiences.

At the very beginning, Annie Shen was invited to introduce CREALITY 3D about the company profile, company development, corporate culture, R&D advantages, and major products.

 Annie Shen was introducing CREALITY 3D
History and Milestones of CREALITY 3D
CREALITY 3D Three Major Products Lines
William Liu, the co-founder and General Manager of the R&D department, was invited to introduce the newestgame changer——CR-10 V2. It extends the legacy of CR-10, and achieves improvement in appearance, system, and functions, enhancing more stable performance.

William Liu was introducing the new CR-10 V2
Appearance: CR-10 V2 adopts a triangular structure as same as CR-10 MAX while maintaining the same size of the CR-10 printing volume of 300X300X400mm. Higher stability ensured by the  triangular structure greatly reduces vibration during printing process so as to ensure better print quality. The neat design of the 3D printing machine achieves one-step assembly and three-step wiring, which makes you say goodbye to the messy troubles of the motor line and enjoy an excellent printing experience.

Triangular structure CR-10 V2

Performance: CR-10 V2 introduceshigh-quality Mean-Well 24V/350W power supply, which enables the hot bed to rapidly be heated up to 100 °C. Self-developed industrial-grade TMC2208 ultra-quiet motherboard can guarantee you a quiet printing environment of noise under 50dB. The printer comes with an upgraded hot end with two-way cooling fans that should dissipate heat more evenly and quicker to reduce filament blockage and promote the machine’s precision resulting in producing better prints overall. According to data, the cooling improvement is up to 55%, resulting in 10% overall printing precision.
Cooling Fan
Upgradable room: Innovative compatibility with the far-end and near-end feeding, the Bowden extruding unit can be changed with the imported Titan Direct Drive by users themselves. The BL-TOUCH device is can be added to support automatic leveling, allowing the user too easily install it in the predesigned space. In addition, the machine broads the functions of resume printing and filament runout sensor, which is quite efficient and time-saving.
Extruding unit
 Addable BL-TOUCH device
Jane Zhou, one of the R&D engineers, was invited to share the detail story of the CR-10 V2.

Jane Zhou was unveiling R&D story of CR-10 V2

With mission in mind, the ultimate purpose of R&D is to solve those frequent problems encountered by customers. At this time, CREALITY 3D is going to develop a DIY 3D Printer in accordance with future trends to eliminate common issues and enrich user experience.
After clearly knowing what customers want, the R&D team position the core concept of design ideas: 1. to innovate appearance design; 2. tointelligentize design thought; 3.to enrich DIY fun.
The core concept of design ideas

How was CREALITY 3D CR-10 V2 born?
First, software engineers draw some sketches first and communicate with structural engineers and hardware engineers repeatedly;
Second, engineers go through communication, discussion, revision… Multiple
repetition of the process;
Thirds, balance the needs of software, hardware
and structure, and gradually narrow down the scope;
Fourth, compare 3D models and real objects repeatedly, and constant modification and adjustment of design schemes;
Fifth, while satisfying the above requirements, engineers should also consider practicability and stability in the design process.

At the end of the event, we also had a Q&A part to interact with audiences, listening to customers, talking to customers, serving customers.