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Company News| Be Ready for Creality 6th Anniversary Celebration: New Aspiration Awakens

In April, Creality 6th Anniversary themed “Transcending | Dream+” will be held in Shenzhen. The celebration will review the past and unveil the future strategy and the first batch of new products in 2020. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, Creality will enjoy the celebration with all the 3D printing enthusiasts via online broadcasting.

On the 5th Anniversary celebration, Jack Chen, the CEO of Creality, has promised to release at least 5 new products each year, keeping pace with the market trends and satisfying customers demands. Since then, Creality has invested more in new product research and development, gradually prepared more professional technical talents, and established large 3D printing laboratories, and Creality Research Institute. Technology and talents have been essential in new product research and development.

With the long-term exploration and cultivation in the last whole year, Creality research team is so ready to bring the first batch of new products to the market. Featuring newly inventive functions, the latest Creality 3D printers will surpass all current products in the consumer 3D printer market, pointing out the new trends of consumer 3D printer toward the future. Creality shall always live up to the name of 3D printing industry evangelist.
Since the establishment in 2014, Creality has achieved the disruptive growth with production capacity ushering from the annual sales volume of 1500 units to the daily output of 1800 units. Along with the rise of China's 3D printing brands in recent years, Creality has gained global recognition from overseas customers as well. Bearing the strong ambition in product development, and brand-building, Creality has become the leading brand in consumer 3D printer with great success rooted in brand influence, positive feedbacks, and sales volumes.

In the future, Creality will continue promoting the Made-in-China 3D printer to reach out to more people and more places. Due to the product superiority in high accuracy, reliable stability, and friendly user experience. Creality has been the first choice for most consumers when purchasing a 3D printer. Undoubtedly, Creality is becoming an international brand.

Bearing the spirit of 3D printing industry evangelist, Creality will forge ahead to new aspirations with perseverance in 3D printing industry, providing more quality products for customers all over the world, and devoting more contributions for China intelligent manufacturing.
Be Ready for Creality 6th Anniversary Celebration
From March 15th,
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Weekly Countdown Campaign
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