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Company News| Creality CR-6 SE, A Printer to Solve Age-old Bed Leveling Issues, Got Nearly 2,500% Funded from Over 6,000 Backers

Landed on Kickstarter on May 6th, Creality CR-6 SE, the latest 3D printer featuring an innovative leveling-free tech, got nearly $2,500,000 pledge (over 2,000% funded) by over 6,000 backers all over the world within 14 days. There are still 16 days to go, and we are quite curious about how much pledge the project is going to hit!
Over 6,000 Backers: Where are they from?
According to the dashboard on Kickstarter, over 50% of backers are from the United States, followed by the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, and Australia. The top cities list of backers reads the rank as follows:  London, Sydney, Los Angeles, Toronto, Seattle, and others.
How Many Countries are we Supported to Ship to?
Currently, we can deliver to Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Denmark, Ecuador, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Japan, South Korea, Liechtenstein, Malaysia, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Philippines, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Russia, South Africa, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Taiwan, United Kingdom, United States, Mexico, Vietnam, Isreal, United Arab, Emirates, Morocco, Turkey, Colombia, China, Hong Kong, and Other EU Countries. Among them, Europe, the United States, Australia we can currently confirm is duty-free.
What’s Special about the Pricing Plan on CR-6 SE?
When officially jumping into the market, the CR-6 SE is going to be sold at $429. At Kickstarter, backers are able to take the full advantage of saving at least $90.
Special price per piece:
Early Bird Price at $319
Kickstarter Special Price at $339

Special pack price for multi-pieces:
2 Pieces for $628
3 Pieces for $942
5 pieces for $1545
10 pieces for $3090
20 pieces for $6180
What’s More You can Get on Kickstarter?
We bet the most exciting part about Kickstarter campaign is the surprising stretch goals the project creator releases when achieving specific funding goals above the initial financial target.
As CR-6 SE completed the initial pledge goal within 10 mins as soon as it debut Kickstarter. On May 8th, Creality announced the first stretch goal---- upgrade the 8-bit motherboard to 32-bit motherboard for free as the project hit 1,000% funded. On May 15th, Creality released the second stretch goal----add 10 more spare nozzles and one-piece 400cm Teflon tube.
When hitting $3,000,000, Creality will announce the third stretch goal which is the TMC-2209 motion driver. 
When hitting $5,000,000, Creality will announce the third stretch goal which is the unique color design. 
CR-6 SE, the Best choice for Newbies, Hobbyists, and Pros
CR-6 SE is designed with an original intention of upgrading user experience to a new level. The redesigned nozzle greatly encourages ease in replacing and substituting inside component parts from the nozzle tip to the Teflon tubing. As the extruder revamps uniquely, the ergonomic extruder clip is so friendly that enables users to finish filament feed-in without requiring any physical effort. Moreover, the 4.3in HD full-color touch screen provides the portal to most information in Chinese and English, because the upgraded user interface determines to provide the simplest intuitive and responsive navigations to everyone.
Featuring an innovative auto-leveling tech, CR-6 SE is designed to provide users the most hassle-free 3D printing experience within its print volume of 235x235x250mm. Pricing around $300 at its early bird price, CR-6 SE is really providing easy 3D printing solutions with great affordability.