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Company News| Creality CR-6 SE NO.1 "Project We Love" In 3D Printing Category On Kickstarter

So excited to share the good news that Creality CR-6 SE project has been selected as "Project We Love" by Kickstarter, ranking the first place in the 3D printing category.  By now, CR-6 SE is nearly 1,500% funded by 4,024 backers. Wanna have a toast with everyone who has supported us!

What People Are Saying About CR-6 SE?
Naomi "SexyCyborg" WuIn terms of assembly time, usability, and print quality, the CR-6 SE is a clear winner over my previous favorite, the Ender-3. It is an unexceptionally good value and has many of the upgrades that are most common Creality printers already integrated. The CR-6 SE has substantially better print quality out of the box than any other Creality printer I have used, or any printer I know of for its price and build area. If you can get it for under $300 to $350, it is a great value. The CR-6 SE replaces the Ender-3 as my pick for the best 3D printer for a beginner to buy. 

James Brunner:  I think I may have found my first 3D printer, I signed up for the Kickstarter so we’ll see how that goes. It looks like a great model, and it also looks like a GREAT MODEL! 

Godnaut: I've been waiting for basically exactly this printer. The combo of price and feature set I've been waiting for. I just bought into the Kickstarter.

b.well im in the market for my very first 3d printer as the tech has come so far i feel comfortable getting one myself. I should grab this one up. seems very beginner-friendly. whenever the shipping becomes.....possible again.

If you are interested in knowing more about CR-6 SE, here is a pieces of advice of joining the CR-6 SE Facebook group

Special price per piece:
Early Bird Price at $319
Kickstarter Special Price at $339

Special pack price for multi-pieces:
2 Pieces for $628
3 Pieces for $942
5 pieces for $1545
10 pieces for $3090
20 pieces for $6180

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