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Company News| Creality Sponsored Indian Anveshak in Indian Rover Challenge 2020 Ranking NO.6

In January, Creality has announced the special sponsorship of CREALITY Ener-3 3D printers to Anveshak, an Indian space association dedicated to advanced engineering projects, to promote international higher education achieving groundbreaking researches and studies in aerospace. During the Indian Rover Challenge 2020, Anveshak ranked NO.6 among 21 teams from all over the world.

About Team Anveshak
Team Anveshak, are a team of 30+ passionate students from IIT Madras who live & breathe robotics. Since their beginnings around early 2016, the team has spent countless days & nights in building remote-operated all-terrain rovers. To test their skill and competence, Anveshak actively participates in international competitions such as the University Rover Challenge(URC),  the European Rover Challenge(ERC) 2016, and the Indian Rover Challenge(IRC) 2019, and etc.

About Indian Rover Challenge (IRC)
Indian Rover Challenge is a robotics and space exploration based competition to ignite and encourage the spirit of innovation amongst young engineers. An edition of the rover challenge series by the Mars Society. IRC is the first of its kind competition in Asia. The participating teams design and build a Martian rover prototype and use that rover to compete in various tasks at a designated location.

During the 3-day Indian Rover Challenge 2020 hosted in February, Anveshak ranked NO.6 among 21 teams from all over the world. The team utilized the upgraded Rover Caesar with 3D printed component parts enhanced in this competition. Caesar is a 6 wheeled rocker-bogie with custom made wheels and an amazing ground clearance of 40 cm. The new, lightweight manipulator holds an end effector with adaptive fingers, capable of wrapping around objects of all shapes and sizes. The state of the art electronic system makes sure that the rover is able to operate seamlessly and reliably. The new software core improves the autonomous capabilities and the ease of controlling the rover.

Before the competition, the team took full advantage of Creality Ender-3 3D printer to make component parts, making the rover more and more stable and steady. The Ender-3 3D printer greatly helps the team simplify the process of making complicated parts, saving more time and cost on rover design and test.

Thanks to the technology superiority, 3D printing technology can deliver final prints that can be directly used in a shorter time, which makes Creality Ender-3 3D printer an important role in rover design and Mars exploration. Back in October 2019, Creality also Sponsored Canadian Space Concordia in EU Rover Challenge Triumphing Top 10.

In the future, 3D printing and 3D printers are believed to unleash the great potential in aerospace study and space exploration. More and more aerial companies will use 3D printing to make component parts for aircraft, satellite, manned spacecraft.