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Company News| Creality Taking Strong Measures on Coronavirus Prevention and Control to Ensure Resume Work Normally

Upon the novel Coronovirus epidemic, Creality immediately organized Special Task Force on the Novel Coronavirus and published the “Work Plan on Coronavirus Prevention and Control”. All 1000+ Creality employees working at headquarters in Shenzhen, and all branch offices in other cities are not diagnosed or infected with the novel Coronavirus. Creality has made full preparations to make sure 499 employees can resume work on Feb. 10th.
Below is detailed content on preparation and measures on coronavirus prevention and control that Creality has taken before resuming work.

Feb. 3rd-Feb. 9th Homeoffice
Creality starts a week-long homeoffice from Feb. 3rd-Feb. 9th, arranging employees to start working at home via flexible methods such as internet and telephones. Each department is working passionately because everyone has faith in pulling through the severe virus epidemic and has faith in Creality.

Eight Norms to Ensure Safe Work in Office
Norm1: Notice. All Creality employees should follow and comply the “Work Plan on Coronavirus Prevention and Control”.
Norm2: Body test. All Creality employees have to test body temperature three times a day, avoiding any risks on personal health.
Norm3: Face mask. All Creality employees have to wear face masks for a whole day long at work.
Norm4: Daily sterilization. The whole office will be sterilized every evening, with no corners left out.
Norm5: Online communication. All Creality employees should communicate via online platform. Meetings and gatherings are not allowed during the period of coronavirus prevention and control.
Norm6: Checklist. All Creality employees have to fill the forms for returnees to work and to Shenzhen.
Norm7: Popularization on basics. The company will share basic knowledge of coronavirus from time to time.
Norm8: Awareness. All Creality employees have to bear the awareness of coronavirus prevention and control in mind.

Strict Guard at the Factory Entry
Anyone with possible risk is not allowed to enter the company and the factory.
1. All Creality employees have to fill out the returnee’s form, providing detail information on time, transportation, and routes.

2. All Creality employees have to test body temperature every day and report it for daily records. Untested personnel or employees whose body temperature exceeds 37.2 ℃ cannot enter the company.
3. The whole office area and production area have to be sterilized every day, with no corners left out. Daily sterilization cannot stop until the epidemic is completely over.
4. Anyone who returns Shenzhen from the epidemic area or lives in a neighborhood with confirmed or suspected cases has to be quarantined for 14 days.
5. Anyone diagnosed with or suspected of being infected with the novel coronavirus will be immediately isolated and reported to the local health care center.

Steady Preparation on Epidemic Prevention and Resuming Work
Sufficient material to Ensure Normal Production
Upon the novel Coronavirus epidemic, Creality starts maintaining close communication with suppliers to check the inventory of materials and components required for production. Purchasing specialists have confirmed the accurate time of material arrival and drafted supply plans to ensure subsequent material supply and steady production.

Strong Measures to Ensure Personal Health and Safety
1. All Creality employees have to wear a face mask at work and check body temperature three times a day, avoiding any possible risk on personal health.
2. Strict management and guard for all working areas. All unrelated personnel is not allowed to enter the production and office areas.
3.  Daily inspection will be conducted in all working areas and complied with by all employees.
4. The whole office area and production area have to be sterilized every day, with no corners left out. Daily sterilization cannot stop until the epidemic is completely over.

Smooth Logistics to Ensure On-time Delivery
1. Creality has confirmed with partner logistics companies that packages can start shipping on Feb. 10th.
2. During the epidemic period, logistics companies will provide necessary protective equipment to the couriers, perform daily sterilization for parcels and storage areas, and provide inquiry service on package tracking. Meanwhile, the relevant government departments also implement sanitary inspection on logistics vehicles to ensure safe shipment and delivery.
3. We confirm the details of domestic logistics transportation process and delivery time with the courier company to ensure the timeliness of package delivery.

Collaboration from Multi-departments to Promote Exportation
1. Salespersons should actively carry out online communication to reduce the panic and worry of overseas customers.
2. During the epidemic, Creality will carry out such a transparent production process that overseas customers can inspect via online video call at any time.
3. All products during the epidemic period will in accordance with standard quality and specifications.
4. All partner logistics agencies resume work on Feb. 10th, which means both shipping and air freight can start soon.

Creality Knows What Customers Care About
1. Can I receive the product on time?
Partner domestic and international logistics companies all resume work on Feb. 10th. Creality ensures you the steady shipment and on-time delivery.

2. Is it safe to buy products and receive packages during the epidemic?
Creality will conduct strict management and control on both employees and production environment in which the products are manufactured. Products are safe to be purchased.

3. Is the product quality guaranteed during the epidemic?
We are committed to ensuring product quality and production progress during the epidemic in accordance with enterprise production specifications.

4. Can I take large-scale product orders?
According to current statistics, most of the employees will resume work on Feb 10th. Creality will have production staff and sufficient material supply to ensure mass production. Creality will take your orders at any time.