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Company News| Creality’s Announced Searcher 01 3D Printed Drone Kit

Having been responsible for releasing the most genre-defining consumer 3D printers in recent years, Creality starts to expand its categories. Searcher-01 is a fully 3D printed DIY drone kit which is capable of stream real-time photos and videos in 1080p full HD resolution.

DIY Assembly Kit
The Creality Searcher 01 drone comes as a DIY assembly kit. Prior to putting together the drone, though, you require to 3D print some components first. You can customize your drone by selecting your favored filament and color to 3D print the drone's arms.

Educational Purpose
Given you don't face any unexpected issues, the detailed tutorial must make the assembly process easy and also enjoyable. The Creality Searcher 01 drone is designed for STEAM-based tasks, especially for trainees and also makers older than 14.

Creality asserts building the DIY drone in class can let children and teens gain a rate of interest in solving real-world problems while they are having fun. On the other hand, teachers can break down the procedure per topic, customized for various ages group.

For instance, mathematical topics like geometry, features, and also vectors, and also physics-based topics such as electromechanics, the rules of aerodynamics, and gravity can all be covered in some way while building and flying the drone. The most important part is that trainees can discover technologies such as Bluetooth, telemetry, or how lithium battery functions.

Easy to Use
The drone is easy to be operated. As an example, the headless mode enables any type of side of the drone to work as the front, simplifying controls for less-skilled individuals. Additional features that ought to make flying the Searcher 01 a wind are one-key return and landing features as well as a hover mode.
If you understand your technical basics, you can even do turn feats, 360 ° rotates, and also a lot more.

Real-Time Stream
Well, a drone is just half the fun if you do not have a live-streaming video camera attached to it. The Searcher 01 includes an integrated WiFi video camera that you can stream real-time pictures as well as videos in 1080p full HD to your cell phone.

Regardless of whether you’re an experienced tinkerer or a complete beginner, this drone kit is supposed to be within your abilities to put together.