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Company News| Creality’s Released CR-R1 Robot---- the Best 3D Printed Toy for Kids

Having been responsible for releasing the most genre-defining consumer 3D printers in recent years, Creality starts to expand its categories. In November, Creality has officially announced the launch of CR-R1, the 3D printed robot with a remote control function, which is quite an amazing educational best DIY toy for kids.

DIY 3D Robot Based on Arduino
Creality CR-R1 robot is developed based on the Arduino platform and has many talents inside, like 10 different motions powered by remote control, random dancing through the ultrasound module, synchronous dance, IR-remote control, and you can always customize it by re-programming.

Attractive 3D Printed Design
Creality CR-R1 body parts are printed by 3d printer, you can actually be printed by yourself, as well, which is available in 3 color versions ----red, yellow and blue. The robot cases are completely DIY 3D printed so that you can print the color you like, and it also allows you to customize the motion by re-programming, any cases by DIY 3D printing(especially for the person who can restructure structure ).

STEM Toy Especially for Kids
Creality CR-R1 robot is a fantastic 3D printed toy for kids (even adults) who are interested in 3d printing or electronics or robotics. It is such a helpful STEM 3D printed toy for kids to learn engineering and programming while playing with it.

Easy-to-Follow Tutorial
Creality CR-R1 robot comes with a concise user manual that will guide you on how to play. Under its instruction, users will know how to achieve operations. It shall be really an enjoyable DIY 3D printed robot for kids to play with.

Elegant and Safe Package
Creality CR-R1 robot is a well-designed and sturdy container stuffed with all the tools and parts like a magnetic screwdriver, servo motors, and spare screws, which are stored in zip-lock bags. Safe for all kids even adults.

Regardless of whether your kid is a pre-school or in primary school, this Creality CR-R1 robot will be the best 3D printed toy for your kid to develop a long-term interest in robotics and mathematics. Bearing the spirit of the 3D printing industry evangelist, Creality aims to spread the technology convenience to all walks of life. The Creality CR-R1 robot is such a pioneer robot to entering the children market. get your kid a special present and surprise comes from this moment.