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Company News| Hey! CR-10 V2 Got a Default Titan Extruder Added on, Becoming New CR-10 V3!

In September last year, Creality officially released the upgraded version CR-10 with 7 new enhancements, becoming the CR-10 V2, which has exerted a huge craze in the CR-10 3D printer user community. Based on the customer feedback, the company decided to make it a new version by adding the E3D Titan extruder as default, thus bringing the new FDM 3d printer CR-10 V3 here!

Major Difference Between CR-10 V2 and CR-10 V3 3d printer
Fairly speaking and honestly speaking, the major difference between the CR-10 V2 and CR-10 V3 is the Titan direct drive extruder. On the CR-10 V2 DIY 3d printer kit, the Titan extruder is optional, which means users can pay extra for the part and complete the DIY upgrade. Whereas, on CR-10 V3, the Titan extruder is default added.

The direct extruder is right above the hot end with little space in between, which enables the extruder to push the filament directly into the nozzle. Since it minimizes the distance for filament traveling to the hot end, the direct extruder is more helpful and reliable when producing 3D prints with flexible soft filaments like TPU and ABS. Furthermore, the biggest benefit for using direct extruder is easier filament retraction thus avoiding filament stringing and oozing during printing.
Overview on CR-10 V3
* Titan Direct Drive Extruder, Much Reliable Printing
The CR-10 V3 is upgraded with a Titan direct drive extruder, enabling the machine to be capable of extending the supportable filament range, and more reliable in printing soft materials, such as ABS and TPU.
* Dual Port Cooling Fan for More Efficient Heat Dissipation
According to data from Creality3D Product Lab, cooling efficiency on CR-10 V3 improves 55% so as to improve its overall print precision by 10%. With the powerful cooling fan equipped on, CR-10 V3 will deliver better quality prints.
* Stability Enhanced by Selected Metal Material and Structure
The CR-10 V3 is crafted with highly selected V-profiles, making the machine much more stable, ensuring reliable printing results. Besides that, CR-10 V3 is sharing the same triangular structure as CR-10 V2 to help reduce unnecessary vibration during printing.
*Trinamic Motion Controller TMC2208: All About Silence and Precision
On CR-10 V3, there is Trinamic Motion controller TMC 2208 capable of low current fluctuation, smooth motion control, and precise positioning, so as to promote delivering exact 3D print results. According to the date from Creality Prodcut Lab, the CR-10 V3 can print under 50dB.
*Power: Powerful in Making Everything Heating Up Quicker
The CR-10 V3 is designed to let you do everything faster with higher efficiency and more stability. It is safeguarded by a branded power supply providing powerful 350W at an adjustable voltage between 115V and 220V, helpful for heating print bed and nozzle much quicker.
*More Smart Functions to Guarantee Print Reliability
Each 3D printer is supposed to have smart functions such as filament runout detection, and resume printing function. On CR-10 V3 come both. Different from CR-10 V2, CR-10 V3 is having its filament runout sensor above the gantry structure.
*Choose Your Own Way to Address Bed Leveling Issue
In 3D printing, a leveled bed is a prerequisite for an accurate 3D print. Manual leveling, for some users, is the best way to collaborate the platform is auto bed leveling via the BL-Touch device.
CR-10 V3 DIY coexists with fun and stability, effectively complementing the single functionality of the CR-10. The CR-10 V3 is of easy assembly and stable performance, allowing you to enjoy the fun of DIY 3D printing.