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Company News | International News Reports Unveils How Creality 3D Printers Stepping Up in the COVID-19 Challenge

We are quite proud of being immersed in numerous news reports on how 3D printing is being used in the fight against Coronavirus. Despite having a Special Work Force Team in the office, Creality also called upon 3D printing communities to step up in the COVID-19 via making 3D printing medical supplies on 3D printers.
According to news reports searched online, Creality 3D printers such as the Ender-3, Ender-3 Pro, and CR-10 series are the most often used workhorses. Let’s probe into some details.
Creality Features in CBSBoston
American CBSBoston.com reports high-tech volunteers using Ender-3 to make 3D printed face mask buckles, helping relieve the pressure on the ears of doctors and nurses who have to wear masks for their entire shift.
Kenny Xu has been churning out 3D printed face mask buckles on Creality Ender-3 at home. Inspired by his deeds shared on Facebook, many local people started chipping in. Quin Williams, a high school student as well, were providing 3D printed face masks buckles to the local station.
Creality Features in CBSChicago
CBS2’s venturous Foley reported it that Richard Byun from Sweden has been running Creality Ender-3 3D printer in his basement to churn out certified protected medical shields. The printers produced plastic head brackets that are later fitted with elastic bands and transparent plastic covers. The idea was initiatively posed by Deborah Bian, Richard’s mom who not only designed the 3D models and managed the Facebook group.

The 3D printed face shields have played an important role in protecting people and medical staff fighting at COVID-19 frontline nearby Swedish Covenant Hospital.