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Company News| Sales Soar During COVID-19, Creality Taking Measures on Ensuring and Expanding Production and Shipment

The global pandemic COVID-19 has multiplied the problems of mass production and transportation in the supply chains and the challenges in different business sectors such as the medical equipment and supplies, pharmaceuticals, electronics, consumer goods, automotive and more. Owing to its strong technology superiorities, 3D printing has been making huge differences in combating the virus epidemic by producing necessary personal protective equipments. Therefore, 3D printers actually experienced such a great surge in sales volumes during the period.
According to data, the phrase “3D printer” got a great increase in search volume on Google during the last three months. Moreover, date released by Guangdong Bureau of Statistics demonstrates that 3D printing is showing a bucking trend, with output increasing by 131.2%. The actual case of Creality is the best proof. In March, Creality achieved a monthly shipment of over 50,000 pieces and the order volume has exceeded over 160,000 pieces at the beginning of April.
3D Printed Equipment Gives 3D Printers a Surge
Numerous positive reports on 3D printing helping cope with coronavirus enable people to see the huge potential of 3D printing. Researchers made 3D printed COVID-19 infected lung model to perform studies, enterprises made 3D printed isolation wards to accommodate patients, and civil communities made 3D printed face shields to mitigate the PPE shortage.
Searching on the internet, it is quite proud to see Creality 3D printer is playing an important role in combating COVID-19. Countries, universities and institutes, civil communities, and individual 3D printing makers are utilizing the Creality 3D printers to produce 3D printing personal protective equipment.
The US Marine on Okinawa in Japan is deploying 24 Ender-3 Pro to make 3D printed face mask frames and face shields, achieving an output of 5,000 face mask frames as well as 800 face shield frames. Researchers from Cornell University organized a 50-people team to make 3D printed face shields on Creality Ender-3 and CR-10 for frontline medical workers, with a daily output of 400 pieces. 3Dcrowd, a 7000+ people volunteer team from UK, is utilizing Creality CR-10 series 3D printers to produce 3D printed face shields for 90 local NHS in UK. Kyle Reed, a Creality individual customer in America, is utilizing 32 Ender-3 and 15 Ender-3 Pro 3D printers to produce 1,000 shields per day.
Due to the large demands of the 3D printed face shields for combating the COVID-19, civil communities and individuals are still striving for expanding their production capacity. During these days, people are coming and forth getting in touch with Creality to order more 3D printers and filaments.
Why Choose 3D Printing as the Additive in Production Chain?
1. 3D printing is capable of maintain the continuity of production.
The global crisis exposes the great vulnerability in supply chain and production process, and finding a new local supplier during the crisis period can be a big challenge. Therefore, all those positive reports on 3D printed alternative medical supplies enable people to see the advantages of how 3D printing is maintaining the continuity of production. It greatly reduces the downtime due to missing parts. A 3D printer can provide a fast access to spare parts or even the end products for the whole engineering line and the market.
2. 3D printing increases the flexibility of the production and supply chain.
From all the reports, it is can be concluded that 3D printing makes it possible to not completely depend on external suppliers. Enterprises and even individual users are able to produce personal protective equipment at where and when as they are required, without extra expensive moulds. Moreover, 3D printing also helps reduce the transportation cost making the whole production much more economic.
3. 3D printing technology, a super helpful solution that you may need.
Except for the actual cases of 3D printed PPE during COVID-19, 3D printing can also help you in other fields like making necessary household groceries, toys, and funny gifts. Owing to the technology superiorities of fast design and distributive production, 3D printing can not only improve efficiency and safety.
Creality Pledges Its Full Support
Creality is sparing no efforts in providing products and service to help overcome this pandemic. It is during this period of time that Creality sees the selflessness and heroic deeds as people come forward to assist with.

1. Mass Production Goes in Efficiency
Upon the COVID-19 break, Creality has made full preparations for efficient mass production in the long run. Creality carried close communications with suppliers to check the inventory of materials and components required for production. Purchasing specialists have also confirmed the accurate time of material arrival and drafted supply plans to ensure subsequent material supply and steady production.
In the factory, colleagues on our modern production lines are attentively devoting to assembling and packaging our products. According to the data from the company, the employees achieve a daily output of over 5,000 pieces.
2. Arrange Prompt Shipment in Day and Night
Partner shipment companies have promised to provide the most prompt shipment for Creality. Employees in the logistics department are also pledging their full efforts in meeting and ensuring the timeliness of the package shipment and deliveries.
3. Orders Come in Hundreds and Even in Thousands
During the time, Creality has been experiencing a great surge in sales volumes. In April, it is expected to achieve a total sales volume of 17,000 units, with a Yoy increase of 3.5 times.