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Company News|Last 24 Hours! CR-6 SE Bonus Stretch Goal Unlocking for $4 Million Pledge

Creality CR-6 SE/CR-6 Max is having its last 24 hours to be live on Kickstarter. Up to now, we’ve achieved over 4,000% funded by nearly 10,000 backers, with a total pledge of over $4,000,000.

Meanwhile, we can’t help waiting to inform you that Creality CR-6 SE is unlocking an exceptional stretch goal for achieving such a success. Creality will give backers one free optical sensor as a spare part!

How to get it:
1. Share our CR-6 SE/CR-6 Max Kickstarter project to social media
2. Send us the screenshot of social media post to e-mail: campaign@creality.com
*Any backer who supports us in this way will get a free optical sensor as spare part!

How many optical sensors you can get?
You will get the amount of optical sensor corresponding to the amount of 3D printer that you’ve backed, which means you will get 3 sensors if you backed 3 printers.

It is the last 24 hours for Creality CR-6 SE/Creality CR-6 Max to be live on Kickstarter! We appreciate everybody’s support and trust. Meanwhile, anyone who is interested in enjoying the most hassle-free 3D printing, hurry up and seize the chance to get it on Kickstarter, with at least $100 saved!

CR-6 SE Pricing Plan:
Special price per piece:
Early Bird Price at $319
Kickstarter Special Price at $339

Special pack price for multi-pieces:
2 Pieces for $628
3 Pieces for $942
5 pieces for $1545
10 pieces for $3090
20 pieces for $6180
CR-6 Max Pricing Plan:
Special price per piece:
KS Special Per Unit at $699

Special pack price for multi-pieces:
2 Pack Price at $1394
3 Pack Price at $2091
5 Pack Price at $3470
10 Pack Price at $6940

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