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Compay News| Creality CR-6 SE Got Over 3,000 Backers and Over 1,000% Funded Within 48 Hours

On May 6th, Creality held an official launch ceremony for new coming DIY 3d printer CR-6 SE debuting Kickstarter at 9:30 A.M. in the morning (GMT +8). At the ceremony, the company clearly explained why Creality CR-6 SE debuted on Kickstarter, detailed product features of CR-6 SE, and the pricing plans of CR-6 SE on Kickstarter. At 9 P.M. on May 6th, CR-6 SE officially debuts Kickstarter kicking 1,000 backers within one hour.

What makes this event and this new Creality 3D printer special? Let’s probe into details!
Why CR-6 SE Debuts Kickstatster?
The main purpose of CR-6 SE debuting Kickstarter is to give back to users. During the last 6 years, Creality has gained worldwide recognition from users all over the world. Owing to the long-term support, Creality has gained great achievements. Giving back is not only to extend gratitude but also strengthen the close relationship between the company and users.
The second reason is to promote 3D printing to unleash more power and potential. During the period of COVID-19, 3D printing has played an important role in mitigating supply chain challenges and helping produce protective personal equipment.
The third reason is to encourage users to give more valuable suggestions and advice for future product development, and to know what our users are interested in and caring about. Creality always pursues providing quality products with quality service.
Why CR-6 SE to Be the Choice?
Featuring an innovative auto-leveling tech, CR-6 SE is designed to provide users the most hassle-free 3D printing experience. CR-6 SE will help solve one of the age-old issues in 3D printing, namely the bed leveling problem, providing a much easier 3D printing solution than ever before for pros, hobbyists, newbies, and anyone else. Other major highlights on CR-6 SE include modularized nozzle for encouraging ease in nozzle maintenance and tinkering, ergonomic extruder for effortless filament feed-in, Trinamic motion controller for precise motion and silent printing under 30dB. The machine is of modular structure, which comes in 5 different parts only requiring 5 mins to finish assembly. The most trouble-free 3D printing is starting on a hassle-free CR-6 SE right out of the box!

CR-6 SE is designed with an original intention of upgrading user experience to a new level. The redesigned nozzle greatly encourages ease in replacing and substituting inside component parts from the nozzle tip to the Teflon tubing. As the extruder revamps uniquely, the ergonomic extruder clip is so friendly that enables users to finish filament feed-in without requiring any physical effort. Moreover, the 4.3in HD full-color touch screen provides the portal to most information in Chinese and English, because the upgraded user interface determines to provide the simplest intuitive and responsive navigations to everyone.
Other mods also boost the convenience that CR-6 SE will achieve. For example, the XY-axis belt tensioner is quite helpful for adjusting the belt strength to ensure stable motion and prolonging the service life of the belt. The toolbox is making full use of space and bringing all handy tools such as small screws and screwdrivers, TF or SD cards, and other replacement components, within reach. The portable carry handle allows bringing this 9.5KG machine to everywhere you want it to be.
To Reward Customers, CR-6 SE is having the Most Competitive Prices
Launched on Kickstarter at 9 P.M. May 6th (GMT +8), the CR-6 SE is available for order from May 6th to June 6th on Kickstarter, for delivery in July 2020. The regular retail price of CR-6 SE is tagged at $429. Super early birds can seize the opportunity to save up to $164 at the flash sale price of $265. Except for the special price per unit, there will also be reduced unit price when purchasing more than 5 pieces. For more detailed information and to order CR-6 SE, please visit:
Special price per piece:
Flash Sale Price at $265
Super Early Bird Price at $299
Early Bird Price at $319
Kickstarter Special Price at $339
Special Pack Price for Multi-pieces:
5 pieces for $1545
10 pieces for $3090
20 pieces for $6180

Harnessing the power of 3D printing shouldn’t be as expensive and complicated as it has been. CR-6 SE is such a simple and robust 3D printer featuring an intelligent leveling-free system for superior accuracy. Pricing under $300 at its flash sale price, CR-6 SE is really providing easy 3D printing solutions with great affordability.