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Construction 3D Printing| Dubai Unveils World’s Largest Fully 3D Printed Municipality Building

Dubai unveils the world’s largest fully 3D printed municipality building completed by the Boston-based company, Apis Cor. The 6,998-square-foot building was completed within two weeks by three workers and an automatic 3D printing construction machine.

The movable 3D printing construction machine moves and relocates through the crane so as to reach the entire construction area. In fact, 3D printing the entire building wall only requires 3 workers and the automatic 3D printing construction machine.

Dubai is known for its harsh and severe climate, in which temperatures rise and drop suddenly. Therefore, the construction material for this special 3D printed building is supposed to withstand extreme heat and cold. Apis Cor's 3D printer "is capable of conducting extensive field investigations to test equipment availability and produce the materials needed for 3D printing in harsh climates."

The structure section is printed with Apis Cor’s gypsum-based mixture material. Traditional construction methods were used to install windows and roofs, and reinforced braces were added to strengthen the walls. The white façade of the building reflects sunlight. The concrete and gypsum construction materials produced by Apis Cor also provide the building with a natural thermal insulation envelope that keeps indoor temperatures pleasant throughout the year.

Despite the harsh and changing climate, Dubai has become an experimental center for 3D printing construction and 3D printing medical care. The city's goal is to create 25% of its buildings by 3D printing and become the hub of 3D printing technology by 2030.