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CR-100 a brand new 3d printer star for your kid

3D printing  technology, as a kind of digital manufacturing technology, has been used in multiple of areas, such as jewelry design, industrial design, construction engineering, automotive, aerospace, dentistry and education, etc.

Nowadays, many teenagers have already learned some 3D printing knowledge in school. Like many foreign school institutions, we use our ender3 as a display model to let students better understand how 3D printing works. For some children under 14 years old, some parents must worry about their safety and the complicated assembly steps. That’s why creality mini CR-100 comes out, with delicate and cute apperance and high printing quality, which more suitable for children to develop more skills under the premise of their safety.

 Here are the specifications and advantages of CR-100 below: 
Model CR-100 Layer thickness 0.1-0.4mm
Nozzle temp. ≦210℃ Hot bed temp. /
Nozzle Number 1个 Forming technology FDM
Printing Size 100*100*80mm Printing Method Online printing、TF card offline printing、Infrared remote control
Machine Size 183*241*255mm N.W. 2.8kg
Package Size 250*230*340mm G.W. 3.7kg
XY axis position accuracy 0.012mm Printing Accuracy ±0.1mm
Rated voltage 100-240V Output Voltage 12V
Rated Power 50W Support filament PLA
Printing Speed ≤100mm/s,normal print speed 30-60mm/s Control system Windows XP/Vista/7/10 MAC、Linux
1.Easy operation: Simple OLED screen interface,One-click to print and heat,also,infrared remote control is supported.
2.Automatic leveling: Intelligent leveling compensation ensures the print accuracy and successful rate.
3.Cost-effectiveAffordable, easier for your child to get their first printer.
4.Safe and reliable: environmentally friendly flame-retardant body, high-quality electrical components, more safe and more reliable.
5.Energy saving: ultra low energy consumption, degradable consumables, enjoy a more healthy life.
6.Innovative platform: magnetic self-adhesive platform, print more stable and easier to disassemble.
7.Quiet silent: Germany imported bearings, low-decibel with stable operation.
8.Cartoon appearance: cute outside with well-designed inside, pay tribute to childhood.

CR-100, as an important star product developed for education and research with all endeavor of R&D teams. CR-100 aims to provide a professional education-grade 3d printer for the education field, helping students to explore kids' curiosity, exercise logical thinking, and stimulate students' imagination and creativity in the process of understanding and analyzing problems and completing procedures. "

Guild you children to make their super cute Pikachu, more 3d printing fun for familly together.
and really thanks Hans Hogeland making this loving Pikachu, download


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                                               Date: 2019.5.30