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CR-2020 3D printer part of the problem of after-sales solutions

1. Maximum/minimum temperature alarm
1.1 The maximum temperature alarm is generally caused by a thermal short circuit. You can check the thermal circuit. Reverse the hotbed and thermal, see if the LCD display is normal or not, If it is normal, then the thermal is damaged.
1.2 The minimum temperature alarm is the thermal disconnection, or the line is virtual plugged in. If the thermal line is disconnected, Reverse the thermal with the hotbed can also check whether it is a thermal problem. If yes, it needs to be replaced with a new thermal. Also, it may be caused by loose lines, Reinsert the line and turn the printer on again to check if the temperature display is normal;
1.3 Before changing the thermal sensitivity, first insert the thermal on the motherboard to see if it is room temperature. If it is then the motherboard is no problem, then put on a new thermal sensor; if it is not room temperature, then the motherboard is out of order. It is recommended that the motherboard is repaired to solve this problem.
2. Large temperature fluctuations

2.1 The machine nozzle and hotbed have a temperature fluctuation, this temperature fluctuation is in a relatively small range, usually about plus or minus 3 degrees, between this range is normal, if your machine temperature fluctuations occur more than 10 degrees or even more, then it is very likely to be a hardware problem, such as thermal problems. There’s a  customer did not do a leveling in the printing process before, the printing consumables stuck into the nozzle, and they were not cleaned, causing the thermal was squeezed by the consumables. Making the poor thermal connection. the temperature will be normal just for a while, and it shows not right again. and then he replaces a new thermal, then the problem is solved.  So the consumables left on the nozzle must be cleaned, otherwise, it will cause the normal use of the machine.
3. automatically heating of the hotbed

Automatically heating means that after the printer turns on, the hotbed will automatically heating, and the temperature will keep rising without limit. Generally, it is the motherboard’s problem.  it is recommended to get the printer back to the factory and get maintenance or to replace the new motherboard to solve this problem.
4. Can not read the SD card

4.1 First of all, check whether it is the SD card's problem. You can check whether the card can be used normally on a computer. If can, then save the file on your computer and format the card. try to plug in the machine, pay attention to the side of the chip is upwards, there will be a bang in the plug, plug in and refresh the SD card again with the power on. Select the refresh on the interface.
4.2 card seat oxidation, if the first two are no problem, then you can try to smear a little alcohol on the SD card, and then insert the card into the slot inside the card several times to clean seat to solve.the card seat to see if it is work.
4.3 Poor connection, sometimes the card is inserted to read the card for a moment and then suddenly no response, then you can quickly plug a few times, then try plugging in after power off, and then on the card with a little Refresh the alcohol and see the result.
5. there is a crack sound when auto-home.

5.1 There is a crack sound means that the machine can not auto-home normally. At this time, you can check which axis is the problem. For example, the limit switch problem, there is a process of auto-home, which including the auto-home of X、Y and Z, observe which axis is making noise when it auto-home.  For example, the X axis goes back, and the Y-axis or Z-axis appears noise. If it is the Y axis, then check if the line of a lower limit switch is loose, if not, then swap the XY limit line,
then just move the Y-axis. In the process of moving, you can trigger the limit switch by hand to see if you can stop the Y axis,if can, it may be it is the limit switch’s problem, If not,   then maybe something wrong with the main board. Similarly, it is possible to verify the problem of the X-axis if it rings. But if the sounds come from the Z axis, then it is the screws of the Z-axis limit switch cannot hit the limit switch normally, check the length of the screws is enough or not.
5.2 nozzle stuck, after the machine test is well packaged and stored back, the nozzle will be fixed, when you receive your machine, you have to remove the plastic wrap of the nozzle, then push the nozzle to the middle position by hand, and then press the auto-home of the machine.  So that it will not be easy to get stuck in the nozzle.
5.3 The motor cable is loose, causing the motor to fail to power up, then the motor cannot run well. causing the motor to jam in one position, causing a chatter. If this occurs, you can plug the motor line in and press auto-home again.
6. there is noise when printing.
6.1 first check where the noise comes from so that you can know the exact problem.
If it canes come to the extruder, then see the filament come out from the nozzle is normally or not, if not, then is the nozzle stuck, what you need to do is clean the nozzle.
6.2 Synchronous wheel making noise,  it may be caused by friction. You can lubricate the wheel of the synchronous wheel with the lubricating oil. After about half an hour, the noise will slowly disappear.
7.  the knob operation fails
7.1 After the start of the machine, the control knob has no response, or it can be selected but cannot be rotated.  About that, you can check whether the cable inside the chassis is loose.  Reinsert the cable and try again and see if it is work.
7.2 There are also rotations that can be selected but cannot be confirmed. If this happens, it is usually is the problem of the knob, You need to replace the control knob with a new one.
8. it can be heated when offline printing, but it can not when online printing.
The machine can be heated normally when it is used offline, but the machine cannot heat up after online printing. First of all, check whether your machine drive connection is correct. If it is correct, check whether the machine is not powered on normally or not. The machine is connected.  The LCD display will turn on, but the power provided by USB is not enough to drive the machine to warm up, so you can unplug the USB, and see if the machine is still on or not. If not, then your machine is not powered on, power on and connect the computer again then you can print online.