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Creality CR-6 SE 3d printer first landed on Kickstarter, over 1 million dollars has crowdfunded within 48 hours.

Creality CR-6 SE 3D printer launched the crowdfunding for the first time on the Kickstarter platform. The attention and enthusiasm of overseas users far exceeded our expectations.

After CR-6 SE launch on Kickstarter, only within 7 minutes of launched online, the CR-6 SE crowdfunding goal of $ 100,000 was completed and break the records as follows:
The record of 200,000 US dollars was broken in 20 minutes,
The record of 500,000 US dollars was broken in 9 hours and 21 minutes
the record of 1,000,000 US dollars was broken in 43 hours.

As of today, this crowdfunding has been supported by 3682 backers, A total of 3779 3d printer products were booked, and the crowdfunding has already reached the US $ 1.1 million, now the project still got 27 days to go. let’s keep the focus on what will happen in the future.

What is the Kickstarter overseas crowdfunding platform?
May some users have on clue what is about Kickstarter, and why we have still need to do the crowdfunding project while Creality has caught so much attention already, let’s figure out the reason next!
Kickstarter was launched in New York USA on April 28, 2009. This independent company of 142 employees is currently the largest overseas crowdfunding platform. It raises small amounts of funds to the public through the online platform, so that most creative talents can get the funds they need to help them complete their dreams. Kickstarter's crowdfunding projects are divided into 15 categories, which can raise funds for projects such as movies, music, and comics, but the real excitement for supporters is the technology and design products. In the years since Kickstarter was founded, it has hosted nearly 200,000 successful projects and raised a total of US $ 5 billion in funding for all activities.
Kickstarter, as the largest platform for overseas crowdfunding, is also extremely strict in platform project review. Not all projects in the past have been approved. It abides by the principles, chooses to support and inspire innovative, creative, and creative activities, and is known for launching innovative and brilliant ideas. Even if you successfully apply for an online project, during the fundraising process, you may not be able to reach the amount of fundraising you booked in advance, and there are data showing that the probability of successful fundraising is only 37.67%.
Creality 3D CR-6SE launched Kickstarter this time, which has received strong attention from overseas users. In just 7 minutes of going online, the crowdfunding goal of 100,000 US dollars was completed. At the same time, this machine has broken many records.

It has been supported by 3,070 users for 48 hours since its launch, and a total of 3,193 products have been booked. The crowdfunding amount has reached 1.1 million US dollars, and the rate of raising funds has reached more than 1000%.
The project officially started at 9 pm Beijing time on May 6th and all the crowdfunding channels have closed on June 6th. From July to August, shipments will be arranged in order according to the order of order.
This year, on the site of Creality 6th-year anniversary celebration, 6 amazing 3d printer products have released at the same time, among them, CR-6 SE is one the special commemorative versions launched the 6th anniversary due to its’ cost-effective price and unique performance, This new star shows up in front of everyone and truly opens a new conversation window for reality, as well as all the users on Kickstarter, the most popular fundraising platform overseas. It continues the genes of the most classic CR series of Creality and has received great attention from overseas users.
On the morning of May 6, the launch conference of the CR-6 SE overseas crowdfunding project officially began. Creality 3D co-founders Chen Chun, Liu Huilin, Tang Jingke, Ao Danjun, and general manager Guo Jijie come from Comgrow 3D and other leaders attended the event. Live broadcast through Facebook, Bilibili, Tick-Tok, and other platforms, and simultaneous broadcast to users in 22 countries and regions at home and abroad.

At first, Mr. Chenchun, the co-founder and general manager of Creality 3D, delivered a speech to the launch meeting. He said: "CR-10 series and Ender-3 series have been sold overseas for many years. And has gained recognition of all the users overseas. The CR-6 SE project launched is the first time Creality has landed on overseas crowdfunding platforms. In the future, Creality will bring more excellent products to consumers.
CR-6 SE 3D printer product introduction

After that, Mr. Zhou Yong, product manager of Creality, explained this product in detail for everyone. In order to participate in this crowdfunding, CR-6 SE began to prepare 6 months in advance.
It adopts FDM molding technology with a printing size of 235 * 235 * 250mm, and the printing accuracy can reach ±0.1mm. continuous power failure is the standard function and equipped with better filament sensor, What is more, worthy of attention is that CR-6 SE is used in the overall hardware (modular nozzle design, dual Z-axis + timing belt), innovative technology application (leveling-free Innovative technology, new extrusion mechanism, new mute motherboard) and best user experience (easy to assemble out of the box, carbon crystal silicon glass platform, full-color high-definition touch screen) have been fully upgraded.

Regarding the original intention of this crowdfunding campaign, Han Zongbo, the marketing manager of Creality 3D, said: " May so many users ask about the reason why we do the crowdfunding campaign this time? We actually got three main objectives: 1. Actively feedback to users who have supported Creality 3D. 2. Help users to use 3D printers to make efforts to actively fight against COVID-9 epidemics. 3. Collect overseas users' suggestions and appeals, and provide a reference direction for new product development in the future. "
In the first half of the year, the relevant persons in charge of the crowdfunding project and the team members began to coordinate every task from planning to execution, contacting the R & D team to polish the products carefully, and cooperate with the supply chain to make preliminary preparations to ensure the normal delivery of crowdfunding products within the specified time.
CR-6 SE Crowdfunding price

 Tips: Users can register for an account on the Kickstarter platform and bind a bank card that supports foreign exchange payments (such as Visa, Master, etc.) to participate in crowdfunding. Get $110 off the future price now.