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Creatity3D: LCD 3D printer restores Notre Dame de Paris, providing reference for future restoration

 "Do you believe that Notre Dame will be gone one day?" This classic line appeared in the love film "Love at Dusk Sunset", and no one thought that the dialogue in the movie would be a tragic sign after 15 years.
At 18:50 on the evening of April 15, 2019, the tower of the Notre Dame de Paris was on fire. After an hour, the fire spread rapidly, and soon the tower tip burned and collapsed. It was not until the morning of April 16th local time that the fire was extinguished. The fire lasted for 14 hours, and local people gathered in a safe area around the fire to sing "The Virgin Mary" to pray for the Notre Dame de Paris.
According to the head of the Paris Fire Brigade, the main structure of the building survived, but two-thirds of the roof was burnt down. It was identified as an accidental fire by preliminary investigation and may be related to the recent renovation of the Notre Dame.
The destruction of the Notre Dame de Paris shocked the world. Fortunately, the complete Notre Dame Cathedral was preserved in the database before the Notre Dame was destroyed by the fire. In the future repair work, data-assisted reconstruction can be called, even directly as the original model of 3D printing of some architectural structures. What needs to be done after the destruction of Notre Dame de Paris is to restore the restoration work, and 3D printing technology will bring incredible help for the future construction.

3D printing (that is, additive manufacturing) is one of the most promising manufacturing technologies in the industrial 4.0 era. Its potential value in the field of cultural relics protection is gradually being excavated. Some archaeologists have begun to try to apply 3D printing technology. Reproduction of cultural relics, repair of defective cultural relics, people all around the world have successfully use 3d printing technology to restore the Notre Dame Cathedral within less than a day. And most of people are esteemed with hope after they saw the 3d printing models of Notre Dame which printed out by 3d printers.
Recently, I have seen so many 3d printing enthusiasts have mentioned a question after printing the Notre Dame model on the forum.the specific details can be print out when you print the large-scale Notre Dame model, however, the details are blurred while the model is too small when print with LCD 3d printer.

In response to these problems, the author also personally printed one, the details are clearly visible, and the model is not found to be small and fuzzy, which makes the author suspect that the small details of the printing on the Internet may be related to the UV resin.
For the sake of conservatism, the author used a number of different color UV resin and different machines to print a few of them, but none of the above problems occurred. The following is a comparison between the Creality LD-002 and LD-003 3D printers, and the use of three different color UV resin.

Printing details:
Compared with the traditional way to repair cultural relics, the advantage of 3D printing is that it can scan and acquire three-dimensional data without touching the cultural relics, completely avoiding the damage of the cultural relics again. Once the 3D printing model is obtained, it is independent of the cultural relics and can be like we copy the same documents, get the exact same prints, and even the texture of the fine lines can be obtained in the model. It is undeniable that with the continuous development and advancement of 3D printing technology in the future, We are pretty sure that 3D printing technology will become the most advantageous tool for restoration of cultural relics.

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