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Ender 3/Ender 3 pro/Ender 5 firmware/Source Code Upgraded

For better user experience, we upgrade Ender 3/Ender 3 pro/Ender 5 firmware to 1.1.61 version, with the functions below:
  1. Thermal runaway protection pop out easily. In the condition of insufficient supply voltage, there will be a prompt of heating failure pop up to provide thermal protection;a reminder of heating failure will be ejected after heating for 20 seconds to provide thermal protection;
  2. Adjust the Z axis Stepping motor to 0.1, more precision, and easier to adjust.
  3. 1.1.61 firmware: after power-off, turn on the printer again and insert the sd card , the resume function did work.
 Ender 3 1.1.61 firmware :https://www.creality3d.cn/creality3d-ender-3-p00244p1.html

Regular 1.1.4 mother board: Ender 3 pro 1.1.61 firmware :

If you Ender 3 pro is with our silent TMC2208 mother board ,
pls check this link to download the 1.1.8 TMC2208 Ender3 pro firmware:

Ender 5 1.1.61 firmware : https://www.creality3d.cn/creality-ender-5-p00261p1.html 

At the same time, we update the ender 3/ender 3 pro/ender5 source code to 1.1.61 version
Click this link for download:https://www.creality3d.cn/download/source-code_c0001

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