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First Experience on CREALITY CP-01 3 in 1 3d printer

 First Experience on CREALITY CP-01
 The latest modular machine CP-01 will be officially released in mid-August. Integrated with three printing modes, CP-01 is supposed to be capable of turning your desktop into a workshop because this 3D machine is versatile modular and it can be remodeled into a different type of machine by just acquiring the additional parts and reusing the existing ones.
Earlier in this morning on Monday, we CREALITORS got an opportunity to try on the CP-01, and finished carve the CREALITY logo in CNC carving mode, which really amazed us by its accuracy and speed. 
Lets check out more details about its performance!

If you take a look at the package content, you will surprise at the simplicity. Except for the accessories, the machine is mainly divided into three parts—— the base frame, the gantry frame, and the interchangeable heads. Quick installation happens up to 15 minutes with 3 steps.

  1. Fasten the gantry frame onto the base with 8 screws.
  2. Connect wire cables to specific motors, and then fix the X-axis and Y-axis limit switch with 4 screws.
  3. Install printing heads according to personal needs. The printing head can be replaced within 30 seconds with 3 screws for fixation.
Such an easy assembly increases efficiency and reduces troubles at the same time. Turn on the switch, insert the TF card, and choose the file. Your printing experience will begin right in a second.


  1. Metallic body ensures stability.
CREALITY CP-01 is made of industrial grade aluminum and equipped with a solid base, which makes it as steady as a great rock. Nothing needs to be worried about the unevenness due to vibration during the printing process.
  1. Stepper motor guarantees precision.
What truly worth mentioning is the 42-40 stepper motor on Z-axis, 42-43 stepper motor on X-axis and Y-axis, with step angle accuracy of 1.8º. With these powerful motor, it ensures strong driving force which guarantees excellent resistance, high precision and stability. Every movement of printer to be more precise as the industrial grade guideway empowered by the extremely accurate stepper motor only produces smallest difference of ±0.1mm.
  1. Intelligent design assures safety.
Adopting the high quality power supply of mature technology, CREALITY CP-01 can keep normal operation under the voltage of 100—240V. As the printer can adapt to different voltage in terms of different operation environment, there is no need worrying about electricity problems. In addition, the user-friendly power supply protection function reduces the trouble of power outrage.
3.Printing Experience:
1.3D printing mode: 


As it mentioned above, it is easy and quick to install the printing head for 100% sure. Fix the 3D printing head with four screws and then install the filament holder. With all the setting done, printing begins.
The CP-01 supports various materials such as PLA, TPU, and ABS. Printed with standard nozzle of 0.4mm, the highest printing speed can reach to 180mm/s, and the normal speed often maintain at 30-60mm/s, which maximizes the printing precision of ±0.1mm. In terms of convenience, the printer supports various slicing software as usual like Creality slicer, Cura, Repetier-Host, and Simplify3D. It can meet most user needs by the printing size of 200x200x200mm.

During the first printing experience, we printed a small red trophy for testing its resolution. The first layer was super good with ultra smoothness. To live up our expectations, there is no lining on the appearance, producing out a fine mini trophy.

1. Laser engraving mode:


Under the laser engraving printing mode, the printing size turns to 100X190mm. It is easily transformed into a laser engraver using the add-on 500mW laser module. You can laser engrave images and logos on wood, bamboo, leather, plastic, fabric, paper and other soft surfaces. Now, customize your wallets, coasters, leather cases, jeans, and more! 
We made a 3D engraved photo, on which fully demonstrated the realistic image. The whole engraving process surprised us with the fast speed and deadly accuracy with each point hitting the target, achieving zero error.

1.CNC carving mode:
The CNC carving head is equipped with HRC55 tungsten steeling milling cutter which is strong enough to confront a lot of materials. Wood, plastics, paper, and PCB are all a piece of cake within the printing zone of 200X200mm. Carving at a swift speed, prints can be born in possibly short time, and ensure quality at the same time. It is the perfect machine to extend your interest to CNC carving.
Such a modular machine that you can upgrade and customize by yourself unlocks full potential, and expand your imagination. The CREALITY CP-01 is good choice for entry-level users and customers having multiplying needs. Instead of purchasing three machines costing around $500 per piece, now you can use one compact and reliable machine, saving your money and desktop space.
Don’t miss the CREALITY logo produced under the CNC carving mode.

The official sale time is still unrevealed. According the early feedback from the market, people are wondering how CREALITY will achieve the high performance of the three printing modes via its firmware, what the final price will it be. If you are interested in all these details, please stay tuned with.

Source: Creality3d technology Co. Ltd
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Creality3dprinter/
Date: 2019.8.6