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Foreign Geek Made a Miniature Laptop by 3D Printer

Recent news reported that Paul Klinger, a technonerd Paul Klinger made a miniature laptop “ThinkTiny” which imitated after Levono ThinkPad. The Thinktiny is equipped with OLED screen of 128x64 pixels, seven-line keyboard, TrackPoint pointing stick, 20MHz CPU, and 300mAh battery.

ThinkTiny is designed and built on the Arduino platform. With the TrackPoint pointing stick, users can play some classic games like Tetris, Moon Lander, Snake, and other arcade games. Prior to this ‘Super Mini ThinkPad Notebook’ project, Paul Klinger also made some mini-game PCs with RGB lighting effect, but ThinkTiny was added a 300mAh battery.

This ultra-mini notebook uses a 14-pin ATtiny1614 microcontroller running at 20 MHz. The output section is a 128x64 pixel OLED display. The other plastic parts of the fuselage casing are made with the Prusa MK3
3D printer. Interested friends can get the schematic on the GitHub website.

3D printed miniature notebook is actually not a novel attempt, but it is the first time that the notebook is so small. Moreover, this laptop carries small games and batteries, which makes it a surprise.

Source: Creality3d technology Co. Ltd
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Date: 2019.8.5