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Industrial solution|Advantages of 3D printing in jewelry industry

In recent years, the rapid development of 3D printing technology, Especially in jewelry and other professional fields, it has made some breakthroughs in innovation and application, providing a favorable opportunity for the personalized and intelligent manufacturing industries. Nowadays, more and more jewelry designers are willing to use 3D printer to print their designs. Because the appearance of 3D printed jewelry are exactly the same as traditional casting objects, 3D printing jewelry is becoming the mainstream.
The shortage of traditional jewelry industry:
1. Old business model
2. Limitation of material technology
3. Lack of design innovation
4. The procedures of traditional jewelry manufacturing is more complex, including plate starting, rubber mold pressing, rubber mold opening, wax injection, mold repair, etc. And the cost of equipment, site, materials, manpower and time is relatively larger.  

3D printing can effectively make up for the shortcomings of traditional technology, and has the following advantages
1.  Complexity and diversity
3D printing technology can realize the complexity and diversity of jewelry structure, and create more novel works, such as curved surface, hollow out and so on.

2. Rich materials
Compared with general ornaments, 3D printed ornaments has more three-dimensional and full feeling, and 3D printing materials are more and more abundant, such as PLA, ABS, TPU, wood, metal, resin and so on. With the development of 3D printing technology, these materials can also print out good model effect.
3D printing erring
3. For personal customization
In the past, the design was monotonous, and there are few ornaments for customers to choose. But now as long as you can design what you want, you can customize it to use 3D printer. First having 3D modeling, then printing, it’s easy to operate. So everyone can become a designer, and print a unique jewelry for themselves.

3D printing ring

4. saving labor and time costs in production processIt simplifies the design process, the established 3D printing model can be tested and adjusted, so a single production printing will not have too much work in the process. Each process will not need too much human support, and machine operation will also save more time, so it can effectively reduce production costs.

The development of 3D printing in jewelry industry will have a great prospect. In the future, you only need to build your personality model through 3D modeling software, and you can make jewelry of any shape with 3D printer.